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Five places to get your caffeine fix in Salisbury

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

With temperatures dropping and schoolwork piling up, the need for caffeine is rising.

Coffee and cafes are always a hot spot destination by locals and travelers alike. Here are five coffeehouses that are popular places here in Salisbury.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks, a national and internationally recognized brand, is located across the highway from Salisbury University’s campus library, Guerrieri Academic Commons. 

Having recently reopened in this new location, Starbucks moved from its original location in Sea Gull Square. 

While no comment was given by Starbucks’ corporate public relations department, they are worth mentioning as one of the options available for students to get their quick coffee to go.

2. Rise Up

Rise Up Coffee is a local brand and chain of coffeehouses on the Eastern Shore.

Having started with The Roastery in Easton, Rise Up has a total of six locations in Maryland, stretching from West Ocean City to Annapolis.

General Manager for the Rise Up location on East College Avenue Dana Fields spoke to what makes Rise Up different from everyone else.

“We are all about relationships at Rise Up Coffee,” Fields said. “Our motto is ‘Grown by friends, roasted by friends and enjoyed by friends.’”

“We have close relationships with our Central and South American coffee growers, we have the best employees and the most amazing customers who love and support our business and our people,” Fields said.

As for popular menu items, Fields did not hesitate in her answer.

“Coffee smoothies for sure!” Fields said. “Our Jamaican Iced Tea is also very popular in the summertime!”

There are two Rise Up locations in Salisbury, one on Riverside Drive and the other on East College Avenue.

3. Pemberton Coffeehouse

Pemberton Coffeehouse is a coffee shop that has established itself as a local favorite in Salisbury and the surrounding areas. 

Opened originally in 2011, Pemberton has attracted many with its location overlooking the Wicomico River and with its eclectic feel.

Mimi Gedamu, co-owner of Pemberton Coffee House, claimed that they are community-focused.

“We want to provide a family-friendly community that lets everybody come and enjoy a good cup of coffee and good conversation with friends and family,” Gedamu said.

“We try to reach out to different communities, everyone from the college students to the retirees,” Gedamu said. “So we provide live entertainment, little activities, salsa nights, just things that can bring people together.”

As for popular menu items, Gedamu explained that they are known for their homemade chai tea.

“It is knockdown, drag out, the best on the East Coast, in my opinion,” Gedamu said. “It’s all made from scratch.”

Pemberton Coffehouse can be found on Pemberton Drive in Salisbury, Md.

4. Main Roots Café

Main Roots Café is a popular place located in the downtown plaza of Salisbury, Md. 

There are many businesses on the plaza and surrounding downtown area that make Main Roots a downtown icon. 

Michelle Raley, general manager of Main Roots Café, explained that Main Roots is a “community-friendly atmosphere.”

The café is especially popular on weekends in the early hours.

“We have a lot of families that come in for breakfast on Saturdays,” Raley said.

"We have a lot of businesspeople, lawyers and we have a lot of students who come here, people who come here and write songs with their guitars on the patio,” she said. “A friendly, welcoming atmosphere for anyone, not any type of person in specific.”

As for the popular menu items, the smoothies and cold brew coffees are the most popular items, according to Raley.

Main Roots Café can be found on the plaza in downtown Salisbury, adjacent to the Plaza Gateway Building.

5. Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company

If you have ever been to the library on campus, then you know about Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company.

It is the only other coffee shop on campus besides Cool Beans, which is the university’s coffee shop in the Guerrieri Student Union.

Gabriella Cornier, a student worker on campus, spoke some of what makes CBRC popular on campus.

“Hot coffees are pretty popular,” Cornier said. 

“For cold coffees, caramel iced coffee with cream and sugar is pretty hot, and caramel coffee smoothies are pretty hot, too,” Cornier said. “And caramel coffee smoothie is pretty hot. Basically anything with caramel in it sells.”

The Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company can be found open in the Guerrieri Academic Commons every day of the week.



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Featured photo: Original Salisbury location of the growing regional Rise Up coffee chain (Alex Valdes images).

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