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“American Idol” journey ends for SU Alumnus Jay Copeland

Salisbury University Alumnus Jay Copeland’s run on “American Idol” ended Sunday.

Audience votes were not enough to push Copeland through to Top 5.

During round one of the show, the seven remaining contestants chose whether to preform their favorite song they’ve posted or a viral song from TikTok.

Copeland chose his first song “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston to express his love for TikTok animal videos.

“I don’t like watching human interaction; I’d rather watch ducks and geese," Copeland said. "'I Have Nothing' was popping up on all the animal videos, so I was like: what a perfect song to sing."

Judges were impressed with Copeland’s rendition of the classic hit.

“The runs were so unique and so artistic this time … you did justice to a Whitney Houston song,” Katy Perry said.

Copeland dedicated his second song, “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men, to his mom for Mother’s Day.

“She’s a hard-working woman … so everything that she has taught me, everything she has done for me … I’ll never forget that,” Copeland said.

The judges applauded Copeland for finding his identity through music.

“You have finally stepped into your own…you’ve got your timing right, you’ve got your stage presence right,” Lionel Richie said after Copeland’s performance.

Unfortunately, the audience did not vote Copeland into the Top 5, ending his “American Idol” journey.

Click here to watch Jay Copeland’s performance of "I Have Nothing."

Click here to watch Jay Copeland’s performance of "A Song for Mama."



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Featured image courtesy of American Idol's Instagram

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