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Battle of the restaurants – Ocean City

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Where should Salisbury University students dine in Ocean City? I visited three restaurants to find out.

The Longboard Café is an American style eatery with a beautiful exterior featuring outdoor seating and a unique interior.

Staff was friendly, the atmosphere was clean and we did not wait long for food. I had the jerk chicken wrap and a salad for $11.95. The wrap was served cold. The salad was withered in appearance, but it tasted amazing.

Customer Grey Lee ordered the longboard burger and was “absolutely blown away with [his] burger. The picture [did not] do it justice. It was huge, savory and done perfectly.”

Next, I visited Mione’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant.

Regular customer Russell Barns said he “always [gets] one slice of the Sicilian [pizza] and [has] almost never had an unpleasant experience. It is always cooked to perfection.”

Barns and I had drastically different experiences.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was gloomy and dreadful. Staff did not seem happy, and we were not welcomed when we entered.

I ordered a slice of cheese pizza and white pizza. While waiting, I was able to see cooks preparing fresh dough. However, this was the only delightful experience at Mione's.

The sauce on the cheese slice had an overwhelming onion flavor, and the white slice lacked taste altogether. Between the two slices, the cost came to about $7.25.

Finally, I went to DoDo Edible Cookie Dough and Ice Cream for dessert. The décor was bright and colorful. I ordered a chocolate coconut almond milkshake and a small cup of chocolate cookie dough for $14.36.

The staff was very friendly. However, my milkshake only came in one size and was too watery, but still enjoyable.

Other visitors disagreed.

KylieFunkhouser on TripAdvisor claimed that “out of all the ice cream places I could [visit] in Ocean City, this was the worst. The cookie dough was too sweet, the service was slow and prices were too high.”

Students should visit Longboard Café for a quality dinner or lunch experience. DoDo Edible Cookie Dough and Ice Cream is the perfect place for dessert.



Staff writer

Featured photos courtesy of Abigail Gower

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