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Career Services launching Career Peers Program to reach more students

Updated: May 2, 2019

Career Services is aiming to expand their resources across the Salisbury student body through their new Careers Peers organization.

Using the model of the student instructor program as inspiration, Career Services Director Kevin Fallon created the Peers Program to help Salisbury students be as efficient as possible.

Salisbury University offers countless programs to strengthen the academic and professional growth of students. The goal of the Peers Program is to prepare students for their lives after graduating by introducing and connecting more students to the opportunities Career Services can offer to them.

“More students will connect with our services and as a result will become better prepared for life after Salisbury,” Fallon said.

Fallon has been collaborating with the student members to put the plans into action for getting this program started since March 29.

The Career Peers organization will use student members as Career Peer coaches to help guide SU students through the many services offered by the Career Center.

Throughout the month of April, Career Peer coaches’ tables will be located throughout Fulton Hall, Holloway Hall and Hungry Minds.

The student members will help students navigate through the Career Services website, set up appointments and collect student resumes.

Political science major Kirstyn Dugger believes the Career Peers Program will connect students across multiple clubs and organizations.

Dugger explained how the program can bring students together regardless of their personal interests.

“It was very cool to bring a project from the ground up and get the experience of starting a program as well as bringing students from all parts of our class together, like athletes, Greek life and regular students,” Dugger said.

International relations major Maddie Poteet agrees the new program will a helpful way for students get acquainted with Career Services.

With the tables open on campus, it will help freshman and sophomores start thinking about internships and life after graduation earlier in their academic careers.

“I think that Career Services will reach more students, especially freshmen and sophomores, who don’t really know the options out there or think it’s too early to start thinking about internships,” Poteet said.

This current semester will be a piloting test for students of the Fulton School of Liberal Arts.

The intention will be to roll it out to the entire university next fall, with the end all goal of every undergraduate major being represented.



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