Commons critique: SU students long for healthier food options

Updated: Sep 17

Outside Commons.

Returning SU students are likely to notice a big difference when entering Commons, not only in terms of COVID-19 regulations but in food as well.

Abby Snayberger, a sophomore finance major, is pleased with the actions taken to socially distance students but feels as though food options are limited, especially healthy food options.

“They don’t have as much of a spread,” recalled Snayberger, noting the salad bar had fewer customizable options.

However, the one change that has impacted Snayberger the most is the absence of the Commons Bistro.

“I don’t think eliminating bistro was the best idea because that’s pretty much the only reason I got a meal plan this year …” explained Snayberger.

“I was kind of excited to be able to still keep healthy eating while being at school, and then I got here and that was eliminated.”

Snayberger also expressed empathy toward students with specific diets, such as vegans, as their options seemed even more limited.

“There’s usually like one vegan option,” reflected Snayberger, feeling for those with vegan diets.

Although Snayberger is not a vegan herself, she still misses the variety of healthy food choices.

“I loved having healthy options …” Snayberger said.

But Snayberger also recognizes the efforts Commons has made to keep students as safe as possible.

“It’s very clean in there [Commons]. Everything is pre-packaged … the only people that are touching your food are the workers, and they have gloves on, and their whole mask and shield …”

Lauren Karrh, a sophomore biology major, also expressed her longing for healthier food options.

“It’s harder to get fresh veggies and things like that,” Karrh commented.

“There’s definitely a few less options and the same things [foods] kind of repeat,” acknowledged Karrh.

Karrh suggested that the grab-and-go should be healthier as well.

“Have more things that are grab-and-go, like grab-and go parfaits and salads,” suggested


Although healthier options were a concern for Karrh, Karrh, like Snayberger, understands the reasoning behind the limited options.

“It’s definitely a hard time to be making changes and they’re [Commons] doing the best they can with what they got,” Karrh reasoned.

Regarding safety, Karrh feels Commons is following COVID guidelines and restrictions well.

“It was definitely good to see them having safe precautions in effect,” reflected Karrh.

Although many would admit healthier options should be taken into further consideration, most students feel that Commons has done a fantastic job of keeping SU students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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