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Futuristic café opens in Henson

Shore café in Henson Science Hall is finally ready for students, faculty and anyone else looking for a quick bite to eat. It is currently open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The café features a full breakfast component with fresh baked foods, which will be made from Fresh Xpress in one central location on campus.

It matches with the theme of the high performing computer lab right across from it due to a silver metallic coloration on most of the kitchen equipment. The current café’s floor matches the gray floor in the hallway outside of it.

There is an iPad touch screen single brewer with a variety of coffee flavors and hot chocolate for customers to utilize.

“This Starbucks serving machine is the first of its kind on the Eastern Shore,” Director of Dining Services Owen Rosten said.

When the hot drink is poured into the cup, the excess flows into a drip section of the machine.

Before all the renovations took place, the café did not have any air condition or windows. It was a lot smaller than it is now, allowing it to become hot at times.

The new renovations allowed more access points to the area as there was previously only one way in and out with a chain like gate. There is also more space to comfortably walk around use the kitchen equipment.

“All we’re about is serving the needs of students.” said Rosten.

The setup consists of a microwave, brewer, converter toaster and turbo chef oven similar to the ones at Subway restaurants. The coffees are actually grinded up, making them fresh.

“The last place was cluttered,” student Austin Bennett said. “This place has a very innovative new feel.”

An almost unlimited array of drink options, in addition to soda, await for everyone based on their preference.

The café also features a hot section where students can pick up 8 inch rising crust personal pizzas to easily eat without having the nuisance of having to warm them up. The flavor options are four cheese and pepperoni with more to choose from coming soon.

The idea was to help students to save a lot of time when studying for exams and when moving in between classes.

Later, the goal is to include more items like strombolis and calzones to the hot section of the café.



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Featured photo: Benjamin Law image.

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