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Make their heart sing this Valentine’s Day with a SquawkGram

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many couples are scattering to the stores, picking up the typical over-sized teddy bears, chocolates and balloons for their significant others. But some couples are gifting something a little less traditional. Love is in the air, but music is, too. 

Squawkappella, Salisbury University’s a capella group, is ready to serenade your loved one with a personal, romantic performance between February 12 and 13. The mini-concert consists of a three-song set for the mere cost of $15.

Not only that, but Squawkappella will show up to perform at any location upon request.

“Some of the locations include rooms on campus, houses off-campus, and one’s even at a Valentine’s party!” SU senior and President of Squawkappella Kelsey Albert said.

Albert explained that not only will your significant other be elated with the experience, but the club benefits as well.

“This is actually the first year we are offering SquawkGrams. We’re doing it for fundraising and plan to use the money for arrangements and trips to a cappella conventions,” Albert said.

Squawkappella members Steve Bowen and Kelsey Albert warm up before their big Valentine's performance. Megan Souder image.

Taylor Schofield ordered a SquawkGram for her fiancé.

“What’s a better gift than your closest friends singing to you?” Schofield asked. “I love that they will come to us so we can do dinner at home and miss the crowds everywhere but still get a little performance.”

Schofield is most excited to hear what songs the group sings since it’s a surprise for both of them.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, and SquawkGrams aren’t strictly for a show of romance, either.

“Even just surprising a best friend can make their day!” Hannah Holden, the treasurer of Squawkappella, said. “Having a singing group knock on your door is so much more special than flowers and chocolates! It can be personal, and we can give them a message from you before we sing." 

If you order a SquawkGram, you’re guaranteed the utmost enthusiasm from the flock of Gulls.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to sing for different types of audiences and getting our voices out there. We practice for so long and if no one asks us to sing for them, then what are we practicing for?” Albert said.

To order a SquawkGram, contact Hannah Holden at with a time between 6 and 9 on Tuesday Feb.12 or Wednesday Feb. 13 and the whole flock will come to you and your loved one for a Valentine’s gift you’ll both never forget.



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Featured photo: Megan Souder image.

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