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Salisbury celebrates diversity at the annual Multicultural Festival

The contagious beat of a steel orchestra echoed throughout campus Wednesday as more than 50 clubs and organizations lined the walkway of the pergola to celebrate the diverse aspects that make up the community.

The 23rd annual Multicultural Festival held at SU, its popularity and attendance in accordance with vendors and organizations is increasing every year.

The vendors included brand name companies like Mary Kay, as well as lesser known companies like Indigo Moon that acquires the majority of its apparel and accessories from India.

Former SGA Director of Diversity and Inclusion Donovan Mack was pleased with the turnout this year and highlights the high demand for vendors to attend the event.

“It’s been going on since before I was born actually!” Mack said. “This is something that we have made a tradition on this campus through multicultural services, and we have people contacting us actually waiting to become a vendor for this event, as well as organizations and departments here at SU.”

Mack hopes that SU will continue to keep the tradition alive long after he is gone because diversity is something he thinks should always be celebrated.

“It’s really important, you see all inclusive, a really good environment and it’s a nice day today so that’s awesome,” Mack said. “We set up a tradition that’s going to go on for many years after I’m gone.”

Sophomore and Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) De’Ja Lewis was given the responsibility of advocating for her association at the fair.

Lewis explained that the purpose of their association is to help people of color whether it be black, Hispanic, Asian and all different peoples of color to have their voice heard on campus and around the community. She revealed that this event was a great way to shed a positive light on diversity.

“It’s about basically all the clubs and organizations on campus to help promote diversity and unity and to help everyone to get knowledge and awareness on other people’s backgrounds and cultural ideas,” Lewis said. “It’s also just a good time for people to meet each other, buy some cool things and try new foods.”

The Sexuality and Gender Awareness club hosted a take-what-you-need table because with two weeks left in the semester they are trying to give words of encouragement and a sweet candy to help get students through these last few weeks.

President and founder of the Sexuality and Gender Awareness club Thomas Mannion was very happy that his club, along with the many others, took part in the event because it is the people and the diversity that make SU the school that it is.

“This event is really important because it shows the vast areas that we have here at Salisbury University, and it gives organizations a chance and outside vendors a chance to come to campus and just show who we are as SU,” Manmion said. “Because SU is us, and without us there is no SU.”



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Featured photo: Caroline Streett image.

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