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Snow welcomes Salisbury into spring

UPDATE: Washington College Athletics have announced that their baseball game vs. Salisbury is postponed. No make up date has been determined yet.

Before breaking through to the warm spring weather, the Salisbury area and Mid-Atlantic Region will have to endure one more challenge in a Nor’easter set to strike across Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Wakefield, Va. placed Wicomico County under a Winter Storm Warning earlier today. Via their report, a Winter Storm Warning calls for severe winter weather conditions that will make travel very hazardous or impossible.

This warning will specifically pertain to a snow event that is set to occur from the early morning Wednesday late until midnight at the conclusion of the day. The City of Salisbury is forecasted to receive three to five inches of snow from the event.

Depending on where the most intense banding sets up in the low-pressure circulation, totals could reach the higher threshold of that range.

During the early morning, Salisbury should only see rainfall from the developing storm. After that point when the storm organizes just off the southern New Jersey coastline, Salisbury will see an icy mix and later snowfall as colder air is circulated southward on the western side of the storm.

Alongside moderate to strong winds at times, visibility on local road ways could be a concern at times paired with the icy road surfaces.

As the storm continues to develop and the situation is monitored by authorities, Salisbury University released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

“Although the campus is scheduled to remain open at this time, liberal leave is in effect for non-essential personnel on Wednesday. Personnel must notify their supervisors prior to the beginning of their regularly scheduled shift if they intend to use leave. Essential personnel must report,” the statement read.

At this time, on-campus services will continue to be available for SU students still in the area during the spring break. Students are encouraged to keep an eye on their campus email, the university website and the NWS reports for further information.

This article will be updated with additional information as it becomes available with the impending storm.



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