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SU counseling center addresses understaffing

Salisbury University’s new Student Counseling Center Director Laurie Scherer believes it’s no secret the counseling center has been understaffed.

The issue is not specific to SU as an institution.

“I do believe that’s nationwide. [It is a] counseling issue and a higher education issue,” Scherer said. She wants the counseling center to focus on providing support for students.

“We are going to put out advertising and interview and hopefully hire more therapists and counselors. At the same time, we have to look at some other ways to connect with ... and support students,” she said.

Scherer believes TimelyCare is the best option for students and encourages them to download the app. “Mental health is a hard thing, and you think you’re doing fine until you realize you need help. And at that point, it’s really difficult to reach out,” she said.

TimelyCare partners with SU to offer unlimited, around-the-clock access to mental health professionals.

Students can schedule an appointment with a licensed counselor without insurance.

Scherer believes recent changes in staffing and the COVID-19 pandemic have created a clean slate for the counseling center to move forward.

“I just want to build a collaborative program where we take input from students, faculty and staff to make sure we’re effective in our main charge of supporting student mental health,” she said.

Scherer is settling into her new position at the university and hopes to meet more students.

She encourages any student or group interested in speaking with her to reach out.

To register for TimelyCare click here.



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