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SU Indies Club brings students together and toward success through board games

Salisbury University Indies Club, the self-described “nerd club,” held its weekly game night Thursday at 7 p.m. in Henson 115.

The meeting began with banter and bursts of laughter from the group. Even after a long day of classes, there was high energy from all of the members.

President and SU junior Grace Burton began the meeting by welcoming everyone and telling them about the group’s online Discord for them to communicate through. She emphasized the importance of being kind during the meetings and on the Discord.

“If you’re looking for a close group of friends to learn more about an exciting new field and play games while you’re at it, this is the club for you,” Burton said.

On the tables were a variety of board and card games. “Shady Agents,” “Spyfall,” “Coup,” and “Deception: Murder in Hong Kong” were some of the featured games. Players quickly immersed into the games, going over rules and positions.

Logan Stuchlik shares stories from his past as a Boy Scout in order to advance in the game “Shady Agents,” while Eli Rush listens. Photo by Charrlotte Russell Images.

“Shady Agents,” run by SU junior Jordan Welch, echoed the idea of friendship by having players answer questions and disclose their secrets in order to advance their mission as an Operative or Defector. The only catch was that they wouldn’t know until the end of the game whether the stories were true.

There was never a quiet moment in the room. Each group roared with laughter and conversation throughout the night.

“Joking around with everybody is the best part, especially when we’re in large groups,” Welch said. “Every person seems to come here with the same goal, which is to have fun and make connections.”

SU Indies benefits members by helping them academically and socially. It has become a support system for aspiring game designers and those who simply love to game, according to Burton.

“I can explore my passion for game development in a room of people with the same interests and goals,” Welch said. “We try to be accepting of everybody, so there’s no elitist vibe here.”

Each semester, the club holds meetings where members discuss not only how games are made, but also why some of the decisions are made in games, according to SU junior Logan Stuchlik.

“We’re looking for people who have an interest in gaming not only as a hobby, but as an artistic endeavor,” Stuchlik said.

According to Welch, computer science majors would have an advantage by being in the club in order to share their ideas and build a network of other gamers and game designers.

“There are multiple aspects to gaming, including storytelling, programming and art,” Welch said. “This club allows us to explore what we appreciate the most.”

This club takes the time to explore everyone’s interests in gaming. Some are focused on the art, while others are passionate about programming.

“This club caters to aspiring game developers,” Stuchlik said. “It provides a unique space where creativity is allowed to flourish.”

Common interests built the club, and friendship keeps it together. SU sophomore Eli Rush described the club as a family.

“Being able to come here and be surrounded by like-minded friends that can accept me and my nerdiness is my favorite part,” Rush said.

Burton is looking to build membership in the organization and make the club more recognizable.

“I want to make the SU Indies more prominent and distinguishable on campus,” Burton said. “I want us to have an important role.



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Featured photos by Charlotte Russell images.

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