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SU's NAACP rally pushes for campus equity

SU NAACP President Dorien Rogers.

NAACP chapters from Salisbury University and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore hosted a rally Saturday, reflecting on past and current racism on campus.

SU students, faculty and community members marched to Fulton Hall, where many spoke on challenges, concerns and goals for SU’s future.

The event took place two years after the vandalism incident at Fulton Hall on Feb. 20, 2020.

A day before the rally, an SU Black Lives Matter panel was hacked with visual and verbal attacks.

Dorien Rogers, president of SU’s NAACP, helped organize the event and hopes SU will take further action to ensure campus equity.

" We need to see actions matching words," Rogers said. "Because when you say that 'diversity and inclusion matters' and that 'hate doesn't have a home here', and these things happen [racism incidents], that's your opportunity to really back those words up with action."

UMES senior Arnez Short came down to support the rally's push for campus equity.

"It's important to show people that [racism] is wrong, and if you don't stand up for yourself, who will?," Short said.

SU senior Kirsten Dixon feels the campus does not have enough allies; one of her reasons for attending the rally.

"Events like this are important because it feels like it's not important to everyone else," Dixon said.

SU and UMES students, faculty and community members march to Fulton Hall.




Photography courtesy of Benjamin Lausch.

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