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SU student workers hard at work

It’s a known fact that Salisbury University’s students work hard. But when it comes to balancing school on top of an on-campus job, the workload can become even more tedious. However, after a few interviews, it’s easy to see that student workers are gaining more from this experience than just some extra cash in their pockets.

Career Services Director Kevin Fallon shared that student workers have much to gain from a multitude of jobs, both on and off campus, especially concerning the variety of skills students will acquire on the job.

“A student worker in IT or Career Services learns how to use different types of software products; a student worker in the Center for Student Achievement develops skills in teaching and improving learning outcomes," Fallon said. "A student worker in Dining Services and Catering learns about customer service and the ability to work in a fast-pace, demanding environment."

In addition to Fallon’s statement, student workers have expressed their appreciation for their jobs, proving that there’s greater value to a job than just a paycheck.

Maddison Berkey, a freshman studying elementary education, currently works at one of the most popular places on campus: Chick-Fil-A.

After spending hours on her feet, Berkey humbly expressed her gratitude for her job, customers and fellow employers.

"I’m pretty optimistic about my job. My co-workers are so nice, and they make me laugh in the middle of a shift,” she said.

She also expressed that her job has allowed her to interact with other students, highlighting the importance of communication in relation to her occupation.

“I know a lot more people on campus, not only the people I work with, but the customers. It’s a pretty encouraging campus."

Berkey also discussed an important lesson: time management. It’s an important tool for any student, but especially for a student worker.

“It definitely teaches you time management with having a job and having to do your schoolwork on time and early," Berkey stated.

However, Chick-Fil-A is only one of the many on-campus jobs that gives students opportunities to acquire more communication and time management skills.

Sophomore and residential assistant Xavier Prince is responsible for the organized events in Manokin Hall. He feels his job allows him to put his leadership skills into action.

“It’s always an opportunity to further develop my leadership style and practice making connections with people and getting people to trust you,” Prince said.

In addition to being an RA, Prince also is a double major studying English and philosophy, as well as a member of the Salisbury University football team.

“I have a lot on my plate, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem." he stated.

Although student jobs can prove to be quite the challenge at times, Salisbury student workers have expressed the importance of time management, optimism and communication. These are just a few of the skills that can be acquired from on-campus jobs.



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