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SU students embrace car culture in the Bury motor Club

Once a week, Salisbury University students gather off campus to appreciate beautiful vehicles with people who love the culture of cars and the modifications you can make to them.

The Bury Motor Club is for anyone interested in learning about car culture. The club is open to any active students at Salisbury University, with locals encouraged to stop by the meetings as well.

President of motor club, Dane Akers, leans on the hood of his vehicle. Image courtesy of Colin Kispert.

President of the club, Dane Akers, has been a member since his freshmen year. Akers said he became president to let the students and community of Salisbury to know that car culture doesn't have to be seen in such a negative light.

“There is a way to enjoy cars without being a nuisance to the general community.” Akers said. “It can be a good thing if we do meets in a respectful way.”

According to the Bury Motor Club bylaws, these meets are strictly to park your car and talk about them. This is not an excuse to drag race or do burnouts, which is everything the club and Akers are against.

“We have our weekly meets, and we make sure that you just show up, park your car and you stand around talking about cars.” Akers said. “When we do events like cruises out to ‘Cars and Coffee’ in Ocean City, we make sure we follow our strict code of conduct.”

With one of the biggest markets for car customization being 16 to 24, spending $7.2 billion per year, the Bury Motor Club is a growing group on campus.

Evan Lund, Vice President, lying on his motorcycle. Image courtesy of Colin Kispert.

Evan Lund has been an active member for five years now. Now the active vice president of the club, he has been everything from content creator, SGA representee and was president of the club last year. He hopes to help continue to grow the community he has been a part of for so long.

“Our purpose for this club can be seen as mainly material, as automobiles and automobile culture is an expensive hobby.” said Lund. “However, we don’t care how much you have spent on a car, how much you have done to a car, or even if you have a car, as long as you are a likeminded individual who cares we will be happy to accept you in.”

Haley Vest, a club member, standing by her car. Image courtesy of Colin Kispert

The club has weekly meets to encourage new members and the community to come out, where each meeting is slightly different. Haley Vest said that meeting new people is her favorite part of the weekly events.

“I feel like every meet is a little bit different.” Vest said. “Sometimes we have different cars come out or different members of the community come out, but it is like a community event where we can see what's new with their lives or their cars, and I really like that.”

However, while it is a motor club, a car is not a requirement to join.

“You don’t have to have a cool car; you don’t even have to have a car at all as every other member of the club would also say.” Will Edmunds, member of the Bury Motor Club, said. “You don’t even have to know a lot about cars but if you are interested at all, I would say come out and say hi.”

If interested in joining the Bury Motor Club, reach out to Dane Akers though Involved or on their Instagram.



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Featured images courtesy of Colin Kispert

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