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Accelerated Mentoring Program advancing racial minority students

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

If you are a racial minority student majoring in Psychology at Salisbury University, you have the opportunity to join the Accelerated Mentoring Program. Students entering their sophomore or junior academic year, who are planning to attend a graduate psychology program, can partake in this professional development program.

The AMP program is a unique integration of a mentored community-based participatory action research experience. It provides opportunities to connect with racial minority professional mentors who help participants advance in psychology professionally.

Psychologist’s affiliated with the program conduct research in a variety of areas, allowing students to gain a broad understanding of the tenants of psychology.

“This program helps prepare us for graduate school and life after college by helping me build my resume. Within AMP, I have already had help applying to two graduate schools supported by a variety of letters of recommendation[s],” AMP student Jakquan Jackson shared.

AMP students can cultivate critical skills, such as developing a professional e-portfolio. This experience is also integrated with outreach programs to assist youth by mentoring middle and high school students in Salisbury schools.

“Within (AMP), we are mentoring the youth, and doing research projects with the assistance of receiving mentoring by psychologists of color … We are focusing the research on various social problems facing racial minorities,” Romana Harden of the AMP program said.

AMP participants mentor students to provide an environment where youths can develop their career and educational goals. They discuss a range of social issues, including minority incarnation rates, effects of racial discrimination, environmental degradation, and more.

Participants learn necessary research skills and acquire field experience allowing Salisbury graduates to enter a variety of competitive psychology graduate school programs.

“AMP helps students identify and focus on the field of psychology students want to focus their graduate studies within … Psychology contains a variety of disciplines, and it’s great to be able to associate with mentors from a variety of fields, especially psychologists who are racial minorities themselves,” Jackson said.

Students in AMP are privy to various opportunities, and students in the program create academic presentations displayed in professional conferences.

“This program helped me realize that through AMP, I have so many options! Throughout (AMP) I have time to figure out what I want to do, the decisions I need to make towards getting there. Dr. Okubo and Dr. Schlehofer were so helpful and supportive throughout every step,” Harden said.

If you are interested in joining the AMP program, act fast, as space is limited to solely ten students! For more information or general questions, email Dr. Okubo ( and Dr. Schlehofer (



Gull Life editor

Photo credit: SU Psychology, featuring participating AMP students.

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