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Battle of the farms – choosing SU’s favorite fall destination

Some Salisbury University students are experiencing fall on campus for the first time since COVID. What is the best farm to visit to ease the tension of impending midterms and celebrate fall?

Adkin's Farm Market

Adkin's Farm Market is 5.7 miles from SU. It sells plenty of produce and home goods.

There is a pumpkin patch, playground and corn maze for children. Adkins also has photoshoot locations and special plow days featuring stagecoach rides.

Unfortunately, the pumpkin patch is small and the farm can get crowded on weekends.

Wright's Market

Wright’s Market is on the larger side. It includes a barn market with local produce, home gifts, fresh pies, ice cream and a goat-feeding pen. Plenty of autumn decorations adorn the market.

However, Wright’s requires a longer travel than other options. It is 10 miles from campus and lacks a pumpkin patch.

Oakley's Farm Market

Oakley's Farm Market features similar attractions to Adkins Farm Market with a larger pumpkin patch and array of produce.

There is also a playground with spots for photo opportunities. The farm is a convenient stop for a quick fall trip.

Despite its features, it was the most expensive location I visited.

William's Market

William’s is the most festive destination and closest to SU at only 3.5 miles. The store sells fall and winter decorations, pumpkins, bottled cider, specialty foods and a large alcohol selection.

I was disappointed by the absence of a pumpkin patch and hot cider.

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is is the largest farm stand I visited. Its location is 4.2 miles from campus is a quick trip for those who live east of campus. It is more of a grocery store with local produce, meats, cheeses, wine and beer.

Students looking for a quick pumpkin purchase or the region’s seasonal flavors should visit here.

It is the least festive stand I visited. There is no pumpkin patch or farm atmosphere available at some of the other locations.

I grew up on the western shore of Maryland where there was a larger selection of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and food trucks. However, Salisbury has a lot to offer. Adkins Farm Market provides the best mixture of everything I enjoy about fall farms.



Staff writer

Featured photos by Gillian VanDitta

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