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Battle of the restaurants – Salisbury

Salisbury University students will be looking for closer dining options with colder months approaching.

What does Salisbury have to offer students looking for a break from on-campus dining?

First, I visited Dayton’s Restaurant. The staff was constantly engaged in friendly conversations with customers.

The plain cheeseburger with fries I ordered were bland and mediocre. My colleague found a large piece of cardboard floating in his drink. The total cost of our food was $27.00.

I saw various microwaves in the cooking area, which explained our less than stellar dining experience.

Next, I stopped by The Corner Grill where the food we ordered tasted incredibly fresh. This restaurant had one of the best hoagies I have ever tasted.

My server was very friendly and as constantly checking on me.

SU student Grey Lee said he “[loved how his] burger was not sloppy [or] falling apart. It [was] not greasy or messy [and] full of flavor.”

The interior was very simple and kept clean. My colleague and I spent a total of $25.67.

Finally, I visited Tastee Freez. The parfait I received did not surprise me and the staff was rude. The server was impolite and unprofessional when I attempted to update my order.

My parfait and my colleague’s small sundae came to a total of $8.96.

Customer Leslie Cook said that he “[comes here for] quick dinner [with] my son every now and then. The food is OK, but it is pretty cheap [so I do not] expect much.”

There are better dining options in Salisbury than Dayton’s Restaurant and Tastee Freez. The Corner Grill provided my favorite experience. The dining experience is basic with a punch of flavor.



Staff writer

Featured photos taken by Abigail Gower

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