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BREAKING: Salisbury University welcomes A$AP Ferg for Spring Festival

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Gull Fest may be cancelled, but according to Salisbury University’s Student Office for Activity Planning, a much better event will be taking its place.

SU students often anticipate the artist reveal for SOAP’s annual Gull Fest . . . but this year, students received news that Gull Fest was “cancelled.”

In reality, what has formerly been known as Gull Fest is undergoing a major rebranding process — the first plan of action: better, more prominent artists.

The 2019 spring festival headliner will be American rapper A$AP Ferg, best known for his debut song “Work Remix,” along with his more recently released song “Plain Jane.”

SU sophomore and SOAP Concert Chair Malik Hogue is excited about the rebranding of the event and hopes to get the students more excited about the event than they have been in recent years.

“Soon, it will no longer be called Gull Fest,” Hogue said. “We will have a different style of having our concerts. Since we are now doing the concert inside, we thought we would rebrand it by getting better artists and better performances.”

Hogue explains that there is more student involvement in planning the event than last year. SOAP created polls on social media last semester, and now has student groups and organizations in a concert committee.

“They help me in making decisions with what [artists] students will want to see,” said Hogue. Hogue also explained that the concert is an important de-stress event for students on campus.

“By the time we get to May, it’s just exams and then, you know, ‘I’m out,’ back to summer, and back to Mom and Dad’s house. But, you have one last thing to look forward to,” Hogue said. “Also, it’s a good time to get the students and the campus together. Not everyone can go out every weekend to parties, so it’s nice to bring the party to campus.”

Junior and former Gull Fest volunteer Ebony Carter recalls Gull Fest as a positive experience.

“My first experience was fun,” Carter said. “I got to help greet others and enjoy the concert.”

Some students want to see some changes made before they commit to going to Gull Fest this year. Specifically, students would like to see more popular artists.

“I would change the artists they invite,” Carter said. “Just some guests that are for everyone, because I knew that there were a few people that would buy the ticket, but only when someone they knew was performing.”

SU sophomore Rene Mugabo also believes that a push for better artists is what the event needs to make a comeback.

“They would have to get a more modern artist,” Mugabo said. “Not someone like Kid Ink, but someone like Playboi Carti or Young Thug maybe.”

SOAP continues to plan the new and improved Gull Fest.



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