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Classic rock tribute band Janglebachs visits Salisbury – Music Column

Janglebachs performed at Downtown Salisbury on Oct. 1. The band includes guitarist Joe Goulait, bassist Tom McDuffee, keyboardist Steve Rosch, drummer Mike Ross, keyboardist Bob Troutman and percussionist Lois McDuffee, according to the band’s website.

The group played a selection of classic rock from the late 1960s and early 1970s. They covered songs from The Beatles, Steppenwolf, Santana, Credence Clearwater Revival, CSBY (Crosby, Stills and Nash & Young) and The Beach Boys.

The performance was a true love letter to the Woodstock Festival era of rock and roll.

Every band member was a master of their craft. The musicianship was excellent, and every instrument sounded great. Mike Ross played the harmonica while keeping time at the drums. It was an amazing display of talent.

Almost every member sang. They remained on pitch, held up to the original singers and the harmonies were fantastic.

One standout moment was their cover of The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends” when lead guitarist Joe Goulait let out an incredible scream on stage. I could feel chills as it echoed from the stage.

I was not familiar with every song played. However, Janglebachs’ covers encouraged me to search out unknown ones to see if they were as good as the band’s performance.

The band’s passion and intensity were almost deafening. I left the concert hardly able to hear, but I would be ok if my hearing never came back.

The atmosphere was incredible. The performers were very friendly and joked around with the audience. They were constantly encouraging us to sing and clap along to the songs.

I recommend Janglebachs to Salisbury University students looking for a classic rock concert.

Concert Rating: 5/5



Staff writer

Featured photo courtesy of Ryan Mackesey

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