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COVID-19 stressors on SU students

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

College can cause a lot of fear and anxieties for many students, but what do SU students fear the most during the 2021 fall semester?

Sophomore Audrey Lahnemann has a fear of catching COVID-19 because this is her first in-person semester at SU.

Lahnemann is a transfer student who only experienced college virtually until this year. She enjoys being on campus but worries about the future of the pandemic.

“This is my first semester doing anything in-person in college and I am just not comfortable yet with how things are with COVID-19.”

Freshman Ashlyn Orr was scared of selecting a major that did not interest her.

Being satisfied with the selection of studies available is important to a student’s academic success.

Freshman Kendall Basier’s worst fear was “failing a class or multiple exams.” This is a common anxiety felt by many SU students.

“About 16 to 20% of students have high test anxiety, with another 18 percent troubled by moderately high test anxiety,” according to the American Test Anxieties Association.

Students’ concerns with COVID-19 continue to impact their academics. Freshman Alex Lipinski was worried “what [would] happen if [he or someone he knew] got COVID-19, and how that would affect progress in his classes.”

Attendance and missing work policies in courses continue to vary depending on the professor. SU students’ grades are being impacted by COVID-19 because of a lack of clear medical accommodation policies made available for students.

Freshman Sami Magazine is one of the many SU students who have concerns about people who have the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I do not think vaccinated people have not been getting tested as much as they should.”

To answer any questions or concerns about COVID-19, be sure to check SU's health services webpage at



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Photos courtesy of SU's website Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page.

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