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COVID-friendly prank ideas for April Fools

April Fools is only days away from its mischievous arrival. On university campuses, pranks can help bond roommates, friends and couples.

However, it's important to remember that COVID-19 is still in full force. Practical jokes should be enjoyed by the pranked and the prankster alike.

Here are some safe and fun ways students at Salisbury University can celebrate April Fools!

First, I present the chaotic candy bowl. For this one, you will need M&M's, Skittles, Reese's Pieces and a bowl. Take the candies and mix them together in one bowl. Leave it out for your roommates and enjoy their reactions from flavors that defy their expectations.

Second, there is the dead mouse prank. I am referring to the computer tool, not the animal. Take your roommate or significant other's computer mouse and cover the bottom tracking laser with a piece of tape. Make sure to write "April Fools" on the tape with a marker as well!

Watch as they try to work on their homework in confusion before discovering your mischievous deed.

My third idea is the googly-eyed fridge food joke. On Mar. 31, find googly eyes at the nearest craft store and apply them to items in your apartment's fridge such as butter, milk and egg cartons. This will get some laughs out of your roommates in the morning.

This fourth prank requires your roommate to have picture frames in your apartment or dorm. Take the pictures of family and friends and place them aside in a safe but hidden location. Next, replace said pictures with images of famous celebrities or the latest memes.

Make sure the replacements are the right size to fit within each frame. Return your roommate their original photos after the prank is revealed.

The final practical joke involves donuts and vegetables. While following COVID-19 procedures for restaurant operations, pick up a box of donuts from the local Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts in Salisbury. Next, visit the grocery store and pick up a vegetable tray small enough to fit in the donut box.

Finally, remove the donuts purchased from the box itself. Either keep them for yourself or hide them in a safe place to share later. Place the vegetable tray within the empty donut box on the kitchen table, and wait.

Soon, you will hear disappointed reactions as your roommates discover a healthy spread of vegetables instead of their favorite round and sugary snacks.

These were just some ideas for this year's April Fools during COVID-19. There are plenty more ways to prank your fellow Salisbury University students without risking each other during the pandemic.



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Staff photo by Ben Lausch

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