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GullNet or GullNot: Why GullNet needs updates ASAP

GullNet is the tool students at Salisbury University use to find their classes, pay tuition, make advising appointments, etc. While this all sounds simple enough, navigating through this particular web page has become a bit of a struggle for students.

GullNet is the portal for students at Salisbury University where they can do anything from pay tuition to search for classes for the upcoming semester. Usually, this is done on a laptop or on one of the many computers on campus.

However, students have found major issues with the website when it comes to navigating it on a smartphone.

“While GullNet has much of the information that students need from the University, it could use an update. Specifically, navigating the software can be difficult, and finding what you need can be tough. Also, browsing GullNet on mobile devices is tougher then on a computer,” graduate student Adam Wilson said.

Other students agree that the main problem is the lack of helpful navigational tools and that hyperlinks to certain pages would be more time efficient, especially when everyone is choosing classes for the upcoming semester.

“The main problem of GullNet is related to user navigation. There is certain information that is difficult to find. Perhaps quick links would be helpful,” senior Jaycee Scanlon said.

Fellow graduate student Crystal Weimer agrees with Scanlon and Wilson about the user unfriendliness in terms of navigating through the site, specifically when choosing classes.

“Without being specific, I would not mind seeing a better way of filtering through available class selections,” Weimer said.

The functionality and user friendliness of GullNet does not seem to be a problem for sophomore James Reeds.

“I like GullNet. I do feel like it is a little awkward that the screen opens up to a blank template. Other than that, it is functional,” James said.

It is clear that GullNet is in drastic need of some fundamental updates and hopefully this can happen soon, since students are expected to sign up for classes in the upcoming months.

While this issue may seem fairly recent, it is only seen that way because it is now being brought to the attention of the general public and not just the students who have been complaining about the site’s non-functionality for quite some time.

With the testimonials from students ranging from sophomores to graduate students, the need for a more mobile user-friendly and updated GullNet should be a simple and easy task for the technologically savvy geniuses that are most likely having similar struggles as well.



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