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"It Chapter Two" review: is "It" better than "Chapter One"?

With an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, “It Chapter One” left some pretty big shoes to fill — even for a clown. Many seemed disappointed with the sequel, which came to theaters Sep. 6, and apparently, so did the movie critics.

Unlike the review "Chapter One" received, “It Chapter Two” couldn’t quite compete with its 64%. However, despite the low rating, "Chapter Two" still managed to bring in great revenue for the box offices, racking up $91 million in ticket sales in North America alone. But even with great success in sales, “It Chapter Two” seemed to fall short of expectations.

Just like the first movie, “It Chapter Two” is adapted from the novel written by the infamous horror author Stephen King. The movie is written by Gary Dauberman and directed by Andy Muschietti. Unlike the first movie, however, “It Chapter Two” takes place 27 years later and features adult actors who play the grown-up versions of the original cast.

The original “It” follows a group of children and their experiences with a demonic clown named Pennywise during a summer in 1989. The movie consists of many graphic and horrific scenes that are not suited for those who have a distaste to blood, and especially ... clowns.

The sequel features the same trend of bloody and horrific scenes and has its fair share of pop-outs. Even though “It Chapter Two” features a surprise cameo from the book's author himself, King, it lacks the same nail-biting plot compared to its prequel.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two are their running times. "Chapter One" has a running time of two hours and 26 mins, while "Chapter Two" has a stammering running time of two hours and 50 mins.

Salisbury senior Madison Roberts shared another difference she noticed about the two movies.

"Although I liked 'It Chapter Two,' I felt that it wasn't on the same level of scariness compared to the first movie. I felt that the monsters were more comical in the sequel, and I wasn't as scared watching the second movie like I was during the first movie."

In addition to the long-running time and the comical monsters, some students felt that the problem was the movie's plot itself. SU junior Cami Rogers felt that the plot in "Chapter Two" was too complex.

"I know it was following the book, but I just couldn't get behind the storyline. I felt like the director was trying too hard, and it [the plot] got a little bit confusing in some parts."

Whether you're a fan of the second movie or not, you can't argue with numbers. "It Chapter Two" may have been a flop, but it broke the record for the second-highest debut of an R-rated horror film ever, just behind the movie that preceded it, "It Chapter One."

The movie is projected to be on the big screen for the next few months, so if you're interested in seeing the sequel, "float on" over to a theater near you.



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