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Meet the candidates running for SGA election

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The Student Government Association is holding their annual elections, with voting ending Friday, March 26th. If you were not able to attend the “Meet the Candidates” event, then here is a review of the running candidates and their mission.

Established in 1945, the SGA’s mission is to serve as a liaison between SU’s students, faculty and administration. Their advocacy to empower the students assures that the student body will have a representative voice on campus.

Dorien Rogers, junior and Political Science and International Studies major is running for President. Rogers is currently serving his second term of Director of Diversity and Inclusion, but has been an active member of the SGA for three years.

Rodger’s main goal is to ensure that the social contract between students, faculty, and staff work in tandem to consciously practice diversity, equity and inclusion throughout campus. In addition, he strives to provide adequate funding to underfunded offices on campus; Rodgers directed this goal towards the Counseling Center, Disability Resource Center and Multicultural Student Services.

“If we really value diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, we need to ensure that we recognize how intersectionality plays in and that requires actions not words,” Rogers said.

As Director of Diversity and Inclusion, he has programed a variety of events like International Day and Deaf is not Dumb, to recognize deaf culture and ensure that it applies to intersectionality. If elected, Rodgers states that he will continue to formulate events that advocate for inclusivity on campus.

Running alongside of Rogers is Andrew Wilson; Wilson is a sophomore, a Political Science major and the current Vice President of the SGA. Haley Taylor, sophomore, is running for Wilson’s Vice Presidency title.

Wilson’s mission is to create additional avenues of communication on campus, to ensure that each student feels that their voice will be heard.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, passing legislation has been a challenge. Wilson said if he’s elected, he wants to host monthly legislation and constitutional workshops, hosted by SGA Chief Justice Kat Hibdon. Through this, students will have a consistent way to voice their concerns on the campus community.

Wilson strives to increase funding to a variety of student services on campus; with a focus on the counseling center, to ensure that students have adequate access to mental health resources.

“I plan on helping to introduce legislation within our senate to establish a minimum councilor to student ratio for the administration to abide by moving forward,” Wilson said.

Deputy Director of Civic Engagement, junior Katelin Stella-Breeding, is running for reelection. She is the chairman of School Spirit and hosted the first SGA school spirit giveaway and school spirit days, on the last Wednesday of each month.

She is currently working on SU Cures COVID-19, and is taking active measures to give back to the community of Salisbury.

“As director, I will continue emphasizing on the initiative ‘SU Cures COVID’ and ensure that stays active next school year,” Stella-Breeding said. “Along with this, I will maintain and deepen the partnership between SU and the city of Salisbury.”

Jakob Todd, sophomore, is running for reelection of the Director of Marketing Communications.

Abbi Pettinati, junior, is running for reelection of the Director of Sustainability.

Kat Hibdon, junior, is running for reappointment to Chief Justice.

Brittany Bell, sophomore, is running for Academic Affairs Committee.

Danitza Roman is running Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Nick Plummer is running for Director of Sustainability.

Samantha Palmrose is running for Director of Student Organizations.

To ensure that your voice is heard on campus, vote for one of these extraordinary

candidates by 5 pm on March 26th. Vote now at



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