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Nest Level to be replaced by SOAP comedy event

After Nest Level’s cancellation, the Student Organization for Activity Planning announces the orchestration of another evening event similar size and nature.

SOAP employees worked to coordinate the Nest Level event, but were unsuccessful. After losing their venue at the Wicomico Community Center to a vaccination site and continuous postponements by the performing artist, SOAP decided to cancel the event entirely.

“It is upsetting that this (Nest Level) has been canceled the past two years because of [the] coronavirus, but I’m very curious about what they (SOAP) will be doing in the fall and how they will be able to make up for the loss of such a big event,” student Hannah Wilson said.

This cancellation allowed SOAP’s employees to brainstorm ideas for an entirely new event.

“It was definitely a bummer for us (SOAP) because we had so much effort put in, but we are looking towards next semester. We are not going to do Nest Level, but we are going to hold an alternative big event that we are in the process of planning right now,” said SOAP President Sean Robinson.

The fall event will be comedy-themed, with students and professional comedians performing on the Holloway stage. SOAP is planning to hold auditions to allow a handful of students to perform throughout the evening, leading up to a performance by undisclosed celebrity comedians.

This event will be held towards the end of the upcoming semester to ensure that COVID-19 restrictions are not stringent.

In the meantime, SOAP will be holding events like bingo and weekly movie nights, incorporating various additions to encourage student participation.

“We’re still planning some new events … we will still be holding our traditional events such as Salisbury University’s Got Talent, and our newest event will be the upcoming ‘Bubbles Birthday Bash,'” said Robinson.

The cancellation of Nest Level made room for a new tradition to begin in the upcoming fall semester.

“I think having students perform next to popular comedians will be really interesting to see … I’m looking forward to seeing what the students have to offer,” Wilson said.

Students interested in participating in the event should keep an eye out for SOAP announcements throughout the fall semester. In the meantime, the organization is offering many other activity programs.

“Let's all look forward to things reopening … let's hope that capacity restrictions go away and we can go back to holding big events and be back to normal,” Robinson said.

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Photo Credit: Involved@su

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