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New “Halloween” (2018) movie is mediocre at best

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The new 2018 “Halloween” film is a continuation of Michael Myers’ story after he first started killing people at the age of 6. Taking place 40 years after Laurie Strode first escaped his terror, Myers returns for another kill, but now Strode is ready to fight back.

“Halloween” (2018) was directed by David Gordon Green and was an initial success when it came out on Oct. 19. The box office shows that “Halloween” was ranked number one for about two weeks in a row since its release. And as of Oct. 30, this $10 million movie had a total growth of $132,338,410 domestically, totaling $178,338,410.

This “Halloween” (2018) is the 11th of the film series. It was able to keep some of its original storylines from the very first movie back in 1978, with Myers killing babysitters and trying to kill his sister Strode and anybody who gets in his way of that. The time and location have also remained the same, with Myers escaping on Halloween and walking around the town trying to find a relative of his to kill.

Rotten Tomatoes gave “Halloween” (2018) a 79 percent with an average rating of 6.8/10. The Critics Consensus said, “Halloween largely wipes the slate clean after decades of disappointing sequels, ignoring elaborate mythology in favor of basic — yet still effective — ingredients.”

But the audience is stuck wondering — would Myers really be killed? Myers has returned from the dead in all of the other films, but could this be the end of Myers and his story?

This, like most scary movies, is very predictable. You know who is going to die, but maybe not how they are going to die.

There was little initial buildup of the story. It was already known that Myers was going to eventually find Strode, and the movie just seemed to continue on that very line. There was not anything that was surprising or new that took place. It was almost as if something big was going to happen, but then it never did. The movie was able to repeat itself into just another remake.

Andrea Thompson, a film critic from Chicago Reader, said, “There are gaping plot holes and characters make idiotic decisions, but watching three generations of women take on Myers — with some great callbacks to the original — is irresistibly satisfying.”

All in all, this was not a scary film to watch. The quality of the “Halloween” film series has gone down since the first of the series. Of course there is a cliffhanger at the end of this movie, but there should not be another “Halloween” movie.

Pat Padua, a film critic from The Washington Post, said, “Carpenter’s original film is a masterpiece of horror that has inspired countless inferior retreads. This is far from the worst, but its return to the past feels more like a “Halloween”-themed party. As a horror comedy, it’s not scary enough — or funny enough.”

“Halloween” (2018) was a mediocre scary movie at best and not worth all the hype. If there is going to be another one, let’s just hope it will actually be better than its previous one.



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