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Pete Davidson's conversation with SOAP

Student Organization for Activity Planning held a virtual conversation with SNL’s, Pete Davidson for Salisbury University students. Lead Events Chair Sean Robinson shed some light on what it took to orchestrate this celebrity meet-up.

“It was pretty easy for us to do. Myself personally, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the board so far and know who to contact as a middle agent,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, a conversion with Pete Davidson was a goal for SOAP but, COVID-19 brought about complications regarding the nature of the event.

“When you’re doing it virtually, you have to think of things you’ve never had to think of before. One of the things you have to think of is having a good wifi connection,” Robinson said.

Robinson mentioned SOAP wanted to bring Pete Davidson virtually to Salisbury University because he is a well-known, new and young comedian.

Robinson added that he hopes in the future, SOAP will be able to expand their reach and chat with more celebrities of the arts.

The meeting started with a delay as Davidson mentioned he was trying to finish his day off moving into a new place.

“I don’t live with my mom anymore. It’s nice,” Davidson said.

Robinson and On-Campus Programming Director Andrew Grauso were the night's hosts. They explained the night would consist of three segments: A Q&A, two truths and a lie and this or that.

Audience members learned a little more about how Davidson started his career in comedy during the Q&A portion.

“I started stand-up when I was 16. There was an open-mic competition in Staten Island, where I lived in this place called the Looney Bin … a comedy club inside a bowling alley next to a Wendy’s and an LA Fitness. So, when you were on stage and it wasn’t going well you could hear people bowl,” Davidson said.

Robinson inquired about the experience of working at SNL, and the effects of working as the youngest performer on the show. Davidson spoke on his successes during the show, and went on to share his dream collaboration and favorite SNL host.

“[Adam] Sandler was just like a dream host for me. The guy I idolized growing up, and I got to work with him for a week.”

Davidson added that he would like to work with one of his inspirations, Al Pacino because, “he’s amazing and hysterical.”

Grauso asked Davidson to divulge into the challenging parts of being a celebrity in the spotlight.

Davidson said it is embarrassing for him, but he gets to do what he loves and meet great people. Although stressful, he would not change a thing.

During the conversation, Davidson credited Judd Apatow and Lorne Michaels for making the biggest impact on his career.

“Judd and Lorne are like the comedy goats. I feel lucky to get their stamp of approval. These guys changed my life,” Davidson said.

To wrap up the evening, Davidson answered some this or that questions.

Davidson’s interview is a foresight to the future of SOAP events, and stands as a predecessor for the next celebrity of the arts to visit SU.

If you want to get involved with SOAP, check out their trivia night on March 11 at 8 p.m. To check out the future events SOAP will be orchestrating, visit the Involved@SU webpage!



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Featured photo by Student Organization for Activity Planning.

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