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PHOTOS: Salisbury University's Got Talent

Salisbury University's students do more than just study and go to class ... They've got talent. And at this year's annual talent show, Salisbury's Got Talent, a variety of students came out to perform their talents for an audience.

In acts ranging from magicians to comedians to singer-songwriters and dancers, the show was crafted to keep the audience entertained and on their toes.

Prizes for Salisbury's Got Talent included SU Bookstore gift cards of $50 for third place, $150 for second and $250 for first.

The winning acts were as follows: Joshua Adewumi in first on the saxophone, Braden Stinar singing his way to second and Talia Hall's range of vocals putting her in third.

The show is an annual event put on by SU's Student Organization for Activity Planning. Auditions for the show are held about a month in advance, and this year, 12 acts were chosen to perform.



Gull life editor

Featured photos by Brad Boardman Images.

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