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Put on a happy face as we review the 'Joker' movie

ATTENTION: If you haven't already seen "Joker," there are spoilers ahead ...

Starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips, "Joker" had high expectations from both critics and moviegoers. Many people were skeptical about this movie, saying that it would bring toxic fans who would threaten the audience.

However, after a relatively calm opening weekend, many of those thoughts slowed as the hype around "Joker" continued to speed up. The movie quickly broke records, and since its premiere, "Joker" has become the biggest October opening of all time, bringing in a staggering $93.5 million to box offices.

The movie provides a backstory to Batman's psychotic archnemesis, Joker. The opening scene takes place in Gotham City in 1981, where we first get introduced to Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), who is working as a clown. He lives with his sick mother, Penny Fleck, who always writes letters to Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne's dad), whom she idolizes.

Arthur is a failed stand-up comedian who cannot catch a break. He often gets bullied and harassed for his medical condition, which causes him to uncontrollably laugh for no apparent reason. Parents often turn their children away from him on the bus, and women are uncomfortable in his presence.

There is a handful of gruesome scenes in this movie, so if you are one to get ill at the sight of blood, "Joker" may not be the movie for you. The most disturbing scene in the movie is when Arthur finally snaps on one of his coworkers, who played a role in getting Arthur fired, and murders him by slamming his head repeatedly against the wall.

Although, the whole movie isn't just showing Arthur gruesomely murdering people. The majority of it shows the dynamic between him and his mother. We see a nurturing side of him that we haven't seen before in any of the other movies featuring the Joker.

We see Arthur appearing to be a caring and loving son, bathing, feeding, dancing and watching TV with his mother. Although, of course this all changes toward the end, when he suffocates his own mother with a pillow, but we'll just ignore that for now.

Overall, "Joker" shows a different side to the notorious Joker and shares an interesting take on his background story. If you haven't already seen the movie, try to get to a theater soon to watch it. Some may say the movie didn't meet their expectations, but I can genuinely say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

The music was perfect, the acting was great and the story line was riveting. Of course, no Joker will ever beat the infamous Heath Ledger's performance, but Joaquin Phoenix definitely gives viewers a run for their money.



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