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“Ready Player One” is the ultimate Easter egg movie

Steven Spielberg’s newest film and novel adaptation by Ernest Cline, is an enthralling adventure that excitedly transports the audience to a realized and enticing world.

When a lead innovator and creator of a video game program called the OASIS passes away, he leaves behind an Easter egg hidden inside the game he created. The first user to find this egg will be rewarded with the fortune he left behind and become the owner of the OASIS. Easter eggs are intentional inside jokes, hidden messages or images in entertainment, and video games are notorious for this.

James Halliday’s rival and former partner, the greedy Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn), CEO of Innovative Online Industries, has created a virtual army to find it before everyone else. It is up to the egg hunter, Wade (Tye Sheridan) and his friends to stop him before he takes the OASIS for himself.

Spielberg once again reminds people of all ages that movies are works of art. He can bring us to different worlds and realities beyond our wildest imaginations.

This film reignites something that has been lost in an age of corporations and suits building movies that lack any sort of passionate substance. “Ready Player One,” first and foremost, is a fun film. It is the escapism people look for in movies that is unfortunately becoming more scarce in recent films.

Fans of pop culture and references in movies will certainly love this film. Every frame is filled to the brim with characters from everywhere. While some of them feel like shallow fan service, nearly every single one successfully serves the story.

A large portion of this movie takes place in the OASIS, and the entirety of these portions of the film are CGI. This is a wonderful example of how movies can use computer effects to serve the story without being over the top and silly. Not only does it make perfect sense for the universe they are in, but the effects themselves are impressive.

One of the strongest aspects of this movie are the action sequences. A master of his art, director Steven Spielberg blows us away with scenes littered with objects and hazards that seamlessly move in and out of frame. In addition, the musical score, or sometimes lack thereof, compliments the scenes perfectly.

However, it does not come without its flaws. Sho (Philip Zhao) and Daito (Win Morisaki) are two incredibly bland characters that add nothing to the plot. While they do not hold the movie back, they do make us wonder how much better it could have been had they been implemented more successfully.

“Ready Player One” is a great and exciting movie that brings movie goers back to an age of pure entertainment. Littered with references from across the media universe, this movie is an entertaining concoction of nostalgia and excitement. While this is a flawed film, the flaws do not hold the movie back, nor should it hold back potential viewers and egg hunters alike.

The Flyer gives Ready Player One an 8/10.



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