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SafeRide on track to host Annual JDL Memorial 5K

If you have participated in SafeRide’s annual JDL Memorial 5k, you could be wondering how COVID-19 has affected its operation. The members of SafeRide want to ensure that they will be holding the run, but with some modifications to ensure its participants' safety.

Every spring, SafeRide honors the late SafeRide Employee Jerry Daniel Landsman through the orchestration of this race.

“Jerry Daniel Landsman was the former president of SafeRide, who passed away unexpectedly. We put this memorial 5K on for his family and friends. [The 5K] helps keep his memory alive,” stated Co-Chair of Operations and Finance, Gabriela Torres.

The race is open to all students and the public at no cost, and each registered participant will have the chance to win a variety of raffle prizes. A variety of refreshments will be offered, with each individually packaged to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination.

The run will start at the Henson building, with each participant starting at staggered times. Separate by 10-minute intervals, the organization ensures that participants will be at a safe social distance.

Despite the alterations, SafeRide is working to ensure that the 5K will be the same as in years past.

The organization is holding a raffle, in which participants will have a shot at winning one of their themed baskets. Each runner will receive 10 to 15 tickets for the raffle at no additional cost.

“We will have a raffle where people can put in tickets to win some of the basket’s we’re raffling off … we will have a First Aid basket, coffee lovers, chocolate lovers and a fishing basket in memory [of Landsman,]” Torres commented.

The basket themes do not stop there! SafeRide will be raffling 10 different baskets, offering a unique theme for all participants.

“It is going to be a regular JDL 5K. We will be having our raffle … We will hear a few words from the [Landsman] family and from us at SafeRide, as we move forward,” ensured Torres.

Torres wanted to ensure the student body that SafeRide is working hard to resume regular operation by the Fall 2021 Semester.

“We’re doing our best to try and make sure that it is a possibility for us to operate in the fall. We are doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work as a [student] board with our supervisors to try and make it happen. We know people love SafeRide, so we’re not only fighting for our employees to get back to working, but we’re fighting for you guys, [the student body,] to get home safely,” Torres ensured.

To keep up with SafeRide’s operations and future events, be sure to follow their social media pages.

“Follow our social media to hear all about our announcements ... [their media pages] will have how we will be operating in the fall. It will detail the ways in which we can offer our various services to the student body,” Executive Board member, Maria Jenkins, commented.

Help SafeRide honor the legacy of the late Jerry Daniel Landsman by signing up for the JDL Memorial 5K. Follow their Instagram @susaferide and their Twitter @SUSaferide for more details on the upcoming events.



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Photo credit: SafeRide Facebook .

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