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Salisbury gun violence: Too close; too many times

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Flatts Salisbury on Onley Road.

Gun violence in Salisbury is a problem, and it's creeping too close to Salisbury University.

Separate incidents outside Guido’s Burritos and The Flatts Salisbury, both less than a mile from SU's campus, occurred last weekend.

Although an arrest was made following the incident at Guido's, this is the second time gun violence has occurred outside the restaurant since Oct. 23.

One incident alone is already too many.

SU students deserve to feel safe in their community. They deserve to feel comfortable off-campus.

Gun violence in Salisbury has been an issue over the past year at locations like Brew River and, as previously mentioned, Guido's Burritos.

Guido's Burritos on South Salisbury Boulevard.

Saferide, a student-run organization working to safely transport SU students, discontinued service to those restaurants in Fall 2021 because of past incidents.

While the decision aims to keep SU students and Saferide employees safe, students have now lost a student-run transportation option to get home safely from those restaurants.

This limits where students decide to dine off-campus, and students should not feel limited in their own community.

Gun violence shouldn't be happening repeatedly, especially not multiple times at the same location.

People who have access to firearms only to use them in malice should not have access to those weapons in the first place.

Further action needs to be taken on gun violence in Salisbury so students can feel comfortable and safe. If that means stricter forms of gun control, so be it.




Featured image courtesy of Benjamin Lausch

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