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Salisbury Students for Life chalk messages

This article is in response to an article written by The Flyer regarding sidewalk statements by Salisbury University's Students for Life Club.

As President of the Salisbury Students for Life Club, I would like to provide insight into the purpose of our club. I am an SU student like you. I am passionate about my beliefs and about giving clarity to why I believe what I believe.

You may have seen an article written about our club chalking messages on campus, but there is more to the story.

For those who may not know, Salisbury University clubs are allowed to chalk on campus. Our club has only chalked a handful of messages. Sadly, these messages were vandalized by several students who poured water and smudged them with their shoes and wrote over them with pro-choice statements.

I could have approached the Student Government Association about this defacing which is against the SU chalking policy. However, my fellow leaders and I thought it would be best to show tolerance.

I decided to address it following the article because free speech is crucial to American liberty.

As long as the chalking messages follow SU policy, any club should be able to chalk and be shown common decency by others. Our club is very open to conversations with anyone no matter your stance; that's a big part of why I started this club.

Our chalking messages were carefully chosen to be thought-provoking and let students know our club exists if they want to join. The messages were:

."A heartbeat's a heartbeat no matter how small."

· "Interested in Pro-life? Join us for a meeting in the Henson Science building."

· "Did you know? Babies have a heartbeat as soon as 5 weeks."

· “WeAreTheProLifeGeneration."

· "Be a voice for the voiceless."

. "Pro-Life, Pro-Science, Pro-Woman"

The Pro-Life club wants to help support women and give them other options and resources besides abortion.

We plan to do service projects with the Eastern Shore pregnancy center, which provides "unconditional support to anyone facing the challenges of a crisis or unintended pregnancy," and Rachel's Vineyard, which helps families after abortion. We want to save babies and their mothers.

In abortion, there are two victims (two lives involved), the child and the mother. It hurts the mother physically and emotionally and it never gives the baby a chance.

We are trying to offer more in-depth information to those interested. Science is real, and science clearly shows that a baby is its own separate human life.

Save the baby humans!

SU Students for Life President Caroline Ryan and Shantelle Handy gathered outside CSIL.

This article does not reflect the opinions and/or views of The Flyer.


Staff writer

Featured image (top) courtesy of Caroline Ryan.

Featured image (bottom) file image.

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