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Salisbury University works to spread kindness on campus

Nowadays, there's a holiday for everything, and kindness is no exception.

Feb. 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and Salisbury University is doing their part in spreading kindness with the help of Guerrieri Student Union Events along with GSU Cares.

All over the country individuals, organizations and groups are recognizing this day and trying to spread kindness throughout their own communities. People are participating in a range of kind activities from leaving encouraging notes around a neighborhood, to paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru's meal.

SU is no different, and students dedicated an hour today in GSU to spreading kindness.

Outside of the student activities office there was a table set up from 2 to 3 p.m. where passing students could paint rocks with encouraging messages on them or just a picture that would make someone smile.

Henry Ryan focusing intently while painting his rock with a classmate. Photo by Megan Raymond Images.

Representative of GSU Cares Jennifer Lauver explained, “It’s actually random acts of kindness day and we wanted to do something special.”

The rocks are going to be placed our campus later on this week so that students, staff and faculty can find them. The rocks are meant to make a person’s day a little better.

Lauver went on to emphasize that it does not take a lot to turn someone's say around for the better.

“Anyone walking around campus can see a rock and it can brighten their day, even if it’s something small,” Lauver said.

Painting rocks embodies the whole purpose of National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It portrays the fact that kindness doesn’t only have to a grand gesture but rather that kindness comes in all shapes and forms, this one happens to come in the form of painted rock.

Student Ryan Henry was drawing a face on his rock when he explained his reasoning for taking part in the random holiday.

Photo by Megan Raymond Images.

“It’s a great way to start off the week,” Henry said.

With first exams coming up, not only does seeing a pretty rock make people smile but as does being able to paint a rock knowing that what you are doing could really help a fellow Gull. Students like Henry highlighted that aside from the sentiment of the activity, it was a nice break to the busy life of a student.

“I just got out of class and now I get to paint a rock, doesn’t get any better than that,” Henry said.

Whether it’s painting rocks to be placed around campus or giving a stranger a compliment, any gesture of kindness is considered kindness.

While Feb. 17 was the recognized day for kindness, every day is a new day to celebrate doing the little things around your community that may make someone feel special or appreciated, so get out there and do your part in spreading kindness.

An assortment of rocks created on National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Photo by Megan Raymond Images.



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Featured photos by Megan Raymond Images.

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