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Stay in Salisbury this summer

“Nah, I’m going back home this summer. There is nothing to do in Salisbury.”  

Salisbury can actually become a home away from home and not just the place students earn their degree. Free meals and housing from the family are convenient, but staying in Salisbury might not be as “boring” as one might think.

In terms of Salisbury University itself, opportunities can be found at every turn for the summer months. There are summer courses offered every year that can be used to catch up or get ahead for graduation. Some of these courses are offered online, but for those that need to be in the classroom to learn, that option is there.

Secondly, some students working on academic research stay in Salisbury thanks to the labs and resources provided by the university. There is also a benefit and value to doing local research if that person is looking for a job on the Delmarva Peninsula.

There are internships that students can complete over the summer whether it would be through businesses big and small or volunteer organizations like AmeriCorp and/or Shorecorps. The Career Services office on campus is open during the summer and is a great resource to tap into for local internships and jobs.

Junior biology major Amanda Rocker participated in the Guerrieri Undergraduate Research Summer Program where she received a $1,000 grant for lab and research funds along with $3,500 for living expenses.

“It was absolutely worth staying in Salisbury as it was the perfect time to focus solely on research without worrying about regular classes,” Rocker said.

The Lower Eastern Shore is full of treasures both known and somewhat unknown. Of course there is the infamous Ocean City which offers both employment and leisure (reggae-rock group The Dirty Heads are performing there in June). There are many other events and locations that students can enjoy.

The Downtown Salisbury Festival in June, the Ladybug Music Festival in Wilmington, De. during July, and the Shore Craft Beer Festival in Cambridge during August are all great events that students can attend.

Living independently might not be in the favors of freshmen and sophomores that have lived on campus. Some students also might save money by staying home and not paying for rent. However, living independently can have more pros than cons.

Those summer nights where students have to ask their parents if they can have beforehand, can become summer nights without parents watching over them. If roommates and/or friends are living together, it also allows for more bonding time that they would not otherwise occur because their parents live three hours away.

Living the same summer as the year previously might be the comfortable thing to do, but breaking the monotony of summer break is healthy and possible. The truth is that going back to live with the family for another three months is not suitable for a 21-22 year old that wants to leave their parent’s house after they graduate.

Between personal growth, professional opportunities and employment openings, students should reconsider their plans of returning to their families this summer if not next summer. Salisbury can be a great home for the summer if students take advantage of what is offered in the area and develop a plan to keep themselves busy.



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