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SU held on-campus flu shot clinic

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Cold and flu season is upon us. Many students are wearing masks and washing their hands for protection. Salisbury University offered additional defense with flu shots at on-campus flu shot clinics.

Student Health Services partnered with Rite Aid to hold the flu shot clinic. Several SU community members received their shot on Oct. 5.

There was another chance to receive a flu shot on Oct. 13. The clinic was free with most insurance plans. Participants needed to fill out a consent form and bring an insurance card copy.

Many SU community members believe getting the flu shot is especially necessary this year. Librarian Angeline Prichard said she did not want to contribute to the spread of the virus during a time like this.

Prichard said "[she] did not want to contribute to hospital stays right now" to keep medical centers open for any possible increases in COVID patients.

Prichard noted the convenience of the clinic's location in the Guerrieri Student Union for those with busy schedules.

Rite Aid's pharmacy manager Riham Eissa said the goal was to make it easy for everyone to get their flu shot. Designated days for the pharmacists to administer shots helped simplify things for Rite Aid.

Eissa recognized that "some students do not have transportation to the pharmacy [and] it is easier to do it at school."

She stressed that everyone, not just students, should receive the flu shot this year.

COVID is not the only health concern. The shot may help those with vulnerable immune systems to avoid other illnesses.

SU administrative assistant Jodie Gallons said she is concerned with what the flu can lead to.

Gallons said that "if [she] gets the flu, it [could] turn into bronchitis."

For more information about staying healthy at SU during flu season, visit student health services' webpage.



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