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SU students weigh in on the new 'Dark Knight'

Robert Pattinson is more than the blood-sucking vampire we all know him as from the "Twilight" franchise. He has continuously proved himself to be a versatile actor time after time again, acting in movies ranging from "Remember Me" to "High Life" and the new movie "The Lighthouse."

The fact that he is able to play a variety of characters just goes to show that he will be an incredible Batman. The film is scheduled to come to theaters in June 2021, with Robert Pattinson playing the role of the Dark Knight.

Many people are skeptical, however, about how well Pattinson will be able to pull off this role. Even though "Twilight" was just a blip in the actor's career, many still attach Pattinson to his Edward Cullen character, saying that was his peak in acting.

While a lot of people think Pattison will do this role justice, others can't see him playing such a serious role. Salisbury junior Cameron Rodgers had a lot to say about his upcoming role in the new Batman movie.

"I can't believe the Warner Bros. casted the guy from Twilight as the new Batman. I feel like his acting was so bad in all of those movies, and I really hope he doesn't ruin one of my favorite franchises," Rodgers said.

However, others feel that Edward Cullen will be Pattinson's secret weapon in becoming the best Batman yet. Let's compare the two characters: Batman and Edward.

We all know Edward as the charismatic, handsome, romantic and telepathic vampire. But what we may have forgotten that he, like Batman, has had a troubled past. Right after Edward was transformed into a vampire, he began going on killing sprees — where he would prey on bad and crime-ridden people.

This is a lot like the grim and bitter character Batman, who breaks the bones of criminals going around causing harm in Gotham City. Both characters want to make their cities a safe place for the civilians living there.

There are a lot of other parallels between the two characters. Batman is known for being closed off and living a private life. He is often characterized as dark and mysterious, and Edward Cullen could certainly also be described as that.

Senior Brighid Hobson explains why she feels Pattinson will be able to pull off the role of the Dark Knight.

"I feel like Robert Pattinson will be the best Batman because of his ability to transform into any character," Hobson said. "He has had roles in so many different kinds of movies, and each time, he does that character justice. I am excited to [see] how this plays out."

Whether you believe Pattison will carry out this role or let it flop, there's no denying that he is more than just "the guy from Twilight." I am personally looking forward to watching him take on this iconic role just so people will stop only associating him with a teenage vampire series.



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