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SUTV's Salisbury Night Live returns

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

SUTV members' attending production of Are you Smarter than a Seagull.

Salisbury University televisions program Salisbury Night Live is returning Dec. 3 after a year’s hiatus.

SUTV Vice President Brenny Benitez-Martinez is excited for projects lined up for the Fall Semester of 2021.

“We’re hoping, COVID-willing, that we can get back into a live audience, but SNL is definitely confirmed for this year,” Benitez said.

SNL’s production team is seeking actors, writers and hosts to participate in the show. Auditions on Oct. 12 are open to all students with any level of experience. Benitez looks forward to collaborating this year with fellow clubs to showcase exceptional students.

In the midst of the pandemic last year, Benitez says SUTV could not work with outside sources in bringing content to the campus community.

“We’ve talked about covering news and hopefully recording events for other clubs, depending what is going on,” Benitez said.

New members attending SUTV's interest meeting.

COVID-19 restrictions served as an obstacle for many goals set last year for SUTV, and it also affected student involvement. With opportunities opening, such as the Activities Dair and Rock-the-Quad, SUTV has doubled in members from the start of last year to now.

Secretary Samantha Steltzer has helped welcome nearly 30 new members this semester and is entering her fourth year under SUTV.

Steltzer says meeting and training new people of different majors has been a refreshing experience as SUTV slowly builds back to what it was prior to COVID-19.

“Being on set again and filming everyone is just great when we have the production setup,” Steltzer said. “Lights are off and everyone is focused on their job.”

SUTV's plans for this semster are to film a fashion show, direct a photoshoot and potentially host a movie night featuring films made by SU students.

Benitez says any interested students are encouraged to get involved. Writers meet Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. in TETC 335, and production meetings are held Thursdays, at the same time, in TETC 316.



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Photos courtesy of SU-TV instagram page salisburytv

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