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The Future of Common’s Dining Services

If you are a freshman or transfer student at Salisbury University this year, you may know the Commons Dining Hall for their staff-served meals, plexiglass counter shields and carry-out options.

This semester, Commons is returning to many of its normal operations while introducing new options and events.

Several self-serve stations are now offered for SU students, along with new food events. Commons offers themed meals, a special dessert station, poke bowls, build-your-own pizza and more.

Many students, like freshmen Selena Sandbank, never experienced Commons before the COVID-19 alterations.

Sandbank has never had a problem finding things she likes in the dining hall. Nevertheless, she feels that Commons should offer a wider variety of options while incorporating special food events.

“[There are] so many options that anyone can basically get what they want and there’s like nothing they don’t have,” Sandbank said.

New and returning students alike are excited about the re-opening of self-serve stations like the salad, cereal and waffle bars.

The Commons staff is adjusting to the changes and is excited about the future of campus dining.

It’s been a semester of transition for SU Commons Chef Manager Mike Foster. In his almost 22 years with Salisbury dining services, he has never experienced changes like those instituted for COVID-19.

Foster is enthusiastic about the transformations and says that students are happy to have more freedom and a wider variety.

Foster appreciates the positive feedback regarding food events and hopes to do more in the future. He wants to bring back popular events from previous years for SU students and other Salisbury residents.

“We’re going to bring them back,” Foster said. “Not only do students come in … it’s a way to give back to the community.”

He is not the only staff member looking ahead. Mark Andrews, Common’s dining manager, has also experienced this environment before and during COVID-19.

“The Commons will become a hybrid of what it was in previous years and how it has evolved during this time,” Andrews said.

Andrews believes that bright points have come from this abnormal time, such as implementing carry-out options. He says that this element, along with others, will remain at Commons in the future.

“We are working really closely right now with SGA and the green fund … to potentially bring a more sustainable option [for] a carry-out program to The Commons,” Andrews said.

With the spring semester coming to a close and fall just around the corner, SU students can expect to see a different Commons by next semester.

For information and updates about dining at Salisbury University, visit and follow @eatatsalisburyu on Instagram.



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Photo courtesy of Brad Boardman.

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