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Three cheers for CSIL!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Outside of CSIL.

The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, also referred to as CSIL, is the core of Salisbury University’s student activities and events.

This organization is the “Home of student activities and events, Registered Student Organizations, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Leadership Programming, and Student Wellness Prog[ram],” which is displayed on its Instagram, @csil_salisbury. The organization aids students in becoming citizens who value leadership, not only on the grounds of Salisbury University, but in everything it does. This is particularly evident, considering that CSIL crafted a group of events named “The Leadership Series.”

The events surrounding this series commended and encouraged goal-setting, success, planning and balance. Personally, as a freshman, CSIL has given me an abundance of opportunities. When I began living on campus, I felt as though joining clubs was nearly impossible — that is, until CSIL promoted on-campus activities and the Student Involvement Fair. Without CSIL, I wouldn’t have found and joined the Salisbury University Poms dance team! In addition to discovering SU’s Poms team, CSIL’s organization has given me chances to meet others in a precautionary manner during the COVID pandemic. Personally, the “take and make” crafts have been one of my favorites this semester! I have joined CSIL in making my own “cactus DIY” along with a “paint by number."

These crafts have been a way for me to stay busy and to keep a positive mindset as the semester continues. This organization has provided so many safe and COVID friendly options, giving students the chance to meet new people and stay positive. “Take and makes” were just one of many activities being offered. However, I believe the best part of the of the organization is the variety of different activities offered. It hosts multiple activities to intentionally intrigue and engage every person of the Salisbury University community. Thus, I believe every member of the university should get involved with CSIL in some way, whether it’s finding a club, going to fun events or even grabbing a craft! Thanks to CSIL, Salisbury University can spread positivity and awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic!



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Photo by Summer Shaper.

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