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Three Salisbury University medical laboratory science students receive John Hopkins scholarship

As Salisbury University students were out enjoying their summer break laying by the beach, working in Ocean City or traveling the world, there were three SU students in particular who were anxiously waiting to hear if they had won an award that would offer them great opportunities.

SU seniors Brittany Lyon, Dorothy MacLean-Blevins and Jessica Thoericht were three of four medical laboratory science students who received the Tuition Scholarship Award that is given out by the John Hopkins University Department of Pathology every year.

The award consists of a tuition subsidiary amount of $5,000 and a chance to work at a John Hopkins lab in Baltimore. The awardees will have to go through the job application process, and selection will be based on what area in the field they wish to work in.

From left to right: Salisbury University seniors Brittany Lyon, Dorothy MacLean-Blevins, Jessica Thoericht were the recipients of the Tuition Scholarship Award that is given out by the John Hopkins University Department of Pathology every year. Featured photo by Christina Camillo images.

This prestigious award was given to three SU seniors, and they accredited their skills and knowledge to the medical lab science program and staff here at school.

“The med lab science program here is extremely rigorous, and I think doing well in that program will set you up for anything,” MacLean-Blevins said.

Lyon went on to add, “Our professors are super helpful. I know they went over our packets for us, helped make sure everything was in line, wrote us letters of recommendation. They are definitely always there to help.”

Not only were the professors and staff supportive of these three girls, but so were the other 13 students in the program, according to Lyon.

“I think everyone is really supportive of each other because everyone has their own goals with the major, so I think everyone was really excited for us,” Lyon said.

The three girls found out that they had won in late August before school had started.

Thoericht chuckled as she recalled receiving her congratulatory email.

“I woke up and got an email two seconds after and was reading it, but still half sleeping,” Thoericht said. “So, I ran downstairs and was like, 'Can you read this?' to my mom, and she said, 'Oh my god, you got it.' I was still half-sleeping and I was like, what is going on.”

Lyon remembers crying after hearing the news. All three recall being in utter disbelief that they had received such an amazing opportunity from such an amazing hospital.

As these seniors go through their last year here at SU, there are many exciting things to look forward to after walking across the graduation stage.

For Lyon, she is most looking forward to the possibility of working at John Hopkins.

“You think you have it figured out and then, oh, surprise, you have a job," Lyon said. "So, I think I plan to go work at Hopkins for a year. Gain all the knowledge, gain all the experience they can give me.”

Similarly, MacLean-Blevins said she is eager for the opportunities that may arise out of a job at John Hopkins.

As the girls reflected on the overall experience, they stated that this never would have happened if they hadn’t put themselves out there and applied for it.

Thoericht talked about not having regrets when it came to seeking out opportunities.

“It’s better to go and do something than regret that you didn’t later," Thoericht said. “Try your hardest, your hardest is always the best you can do, and just go for it.”



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Featured photo from Christina Camillo images.

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