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Top haunted attractions in Salisbury

Read on ... If you dare ...

The Eastern Shore is known for its natural beauty. With its endless bodies of water, lush grasslands and abundant wildlife, it seems like the ideal place to settle down. Although, there are many rumors going around, especially around this time of year, that the Eastern Shore (Salisbury, Maryland in particular) may not be as perfect as we think.

The following is a list of the top most haunted attractions in and around Salisbury.

1. Downtown Salisbury

Founded in 1867, Salisbury has been around for centuries. It is rumored to be very haunted, and many people who live here have encountered instances of paranormal activity.

If you're brave enough, there are several ghost tours being offered this month in Downtown Salisbury that will take you on a tour to different "haunted" attractions throughout the downtown area.

2. Poplar Hill Mansion

The Poplar Hill Mansion is the oldest home in Salisbury and is rumored to be the most haunted one as well. Dating back to the early 18th century, Poplar Hill Mansion has been around for centuries.

It was once the home of a medical doctor named Dr. John Huston. He lived with his wife, Sarah, and raised four daughters in the house. He also ran a medical surgery practice inside his home, where it is likely that many of his patients died.

If you happen to tour the home, it is likely that you will hear footsteps above you, and some people even report to hear children's laughter coming from the halls, and children's toys have disappeared and then reappeared in different locations throughout the house on many occasions.

3. Pocomoke State Forest

(14.5 miles from Salisbury)

The Pocomoke Forest is home to an array of wildlife, plant life and apparently some good old urban legends. Many of these stories talk about ghost sightings of severed heads and ladies in white roaming throughout the trails.

If you want to learn more about these urban tales, check out the fourth floor of the Guerrieri Academic Commons in the Nabb Center here on campus. There, you will find a research paper written by Edward H. Nabb sharing his insight on the haunted forest.

4. Witch's Tree

(16 miles from Salisbury)

This creepy and old-looking cypress tree is located on Swamp Road just over the state line in Whaleyville, Maryland.

Almost every person who has ever walked up to the tree has experienced something strange, either chills down their spine, seeing strange lights and orbs, hearing eerie sounds, etc.

No one knows exactly what causes these strange events, but many attribute it to a witch that once lived nearby.

5. Old Gumboro Homestead

(15 miles from Salisbury)

Located in Millsboro, Delaware, Gumboro's Homestead is known for its paranormal activity.

Many residents have reported creepy sounds of heavy breathing and stomping footsteps, and have even said how they've seen spirits move across the yard.

Neighbors of the homestead have reported to hear the sounds of a harmonica being played in the early hours of morning.

6. Atlantic Hotel

(20.7 miles from Salisbury)

Many of those who stay in this hotel report strange events only explained by the supernatural. People say they've seen the ghost of a young girl riding a tricycle through the hallways of the hotel. Others say that objects in their rooms moved around by themselves, and the light would flicker on and off without anyone touching the switch.

7. Old Maggie's Bridge

(16.5 miles from Salisbury)

Legend has it that a woman a long time ago threw her baby off this bridge because she was unhappy with how the child looked.

People say that the baby haunts this bridge, and if you listen closely, you can hear the cry of an infant at certain hours of the night.

8. Snow Hill Inn

(16.9 miles from Salisbury)

Although the Snow Inn no longer operates as an inn, people still visit the 1830s building. It is said that it is home to a ghost known as J.J.

He haunts the inn by unlocking windows and doors, turning the lights on and off, setting off the fire alarms and vigorously shaking the beds.

Some say his death was caused by suicide by slitting his own throat. He is known to be seen in the inn while guests pass by mirrors. He appears to be a younger man who has a sad frown on his pale face.

9. Long Cemetery - Catman's Grave

(21.8 miles from Salisbury)

Legend has it that a man with catlike features used to work as a grave keeper at this very cemetery and that he still watches over it from beyond the grave. He is said to scare away teenagers who come to the graveyard to party (especially on Halloween).

Some say that if you knock three times on his tomb, the "Catman" will mess with your car so that it won’t start when you try to leave.

10. The Henry Hotel

(27.8 miles from Salisbury)

Built around 1895 as a boarding house for slave workers, this historic building is said to house some of the most vengeful spirits on the Eastern Shore.

Although the hotel is no longer in operation, many visitors have reported that strange events took place while they were walking through. Some people have reported hearing loud footsteps from the attic as well as the sound of a scolding woman’s voice. Others claim to have heard jazz music ringing in the halls and the sound of a man standing on the front porch humming.

If you are a fan of the supernatural and have a high tolerance for spooky things, make some time to visit these attractions and discover for yourself the hidden history of the Eastern Shore.



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