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The Flyer offers advertising in our monthly print issues. 


For print ad pricing and sizing, there are five different ad sizing options with a color or black option, along with single-run and multi-run. Prices are as follows:

Size (color)           Single-Run            Multi-Run

Full-page              $750.00               $680.00

Half-page             $375.00               $340.00

1/3-page               $265.00               $240.00

1/4-page               $200.00               $180.00

1/8-page               $70.00                 $60.00

Size (black)          Single-Run            Multi-Run

Full-page             $680.00                $650.00

Half-page            $320.00                $300.00

1/3-page              $220.00                $200.00

1/4-page              $175.00                 $155.00

1/8-page              $60.00                  $55.00 

See images to left or download our Ad Pricing pdf here.

Starting in Fall 2022, the Flyer will also be offering virtual ad space on our "CLASSIFIEDS" website page.

For information regarding advertisement options: