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The Flyer offers online advertising at our website, thesuflyer.com. Two-week ad terms are obtainable and begin every Monday. A selection of three ad types is available on a first come, first serve basis. In total, there are six different ad spaces for potential listing.


For print ad pricing and sizing, there are five different ad sizing options with a color or black option, along with single-run and multi-run. Prices are as follows:

Size (color)           Single-Run            Multi-Run

Full-page              $750.00               $680.00

Half-page             $375.00               $340.00

1/3-page               $265.00               $240.00

1/4-page               $200.00               $180.00

1/8-page               $70.00                 $60.00

Size (black)          Single-Run            Multi-Run

Full-page             $680.00                $650.00

Half-page            $320.00                $300.00

1/3-page              $220.00                $200.00

1/4-page              $175.00                 $155.00

1/8-page              $60.00                  $55.00 

See images to left or download our Ad Pricing pdf here.

For information regarding advertisement options: