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10 things to do if you're sick of going out to bars

I realized I had to take a break from bar life last weekend. Perhaps this realization came from buying one too many overpriced drinks, or maybe it had something to do with my friend getting sick in the Uber on the way home. Whatever the reason may be, I have decided to begin a strike on bars. If you are also sick of sticky floors, awkward small talk and waiting 10 years to get a drink ... Keep reading!

The following are 10 alternatives to bars:

1. Have a scary movie night

There's nothing like getting some comfy clothes on and watching a scary movie either by yourself or with some friends. (If scary movies aren't your thing, you should check out the crime documentaries on Netflix.)

2. Have an any other genre but scary movie night

If you're anything like me, you probably skipped over number one. Of course, your movie night doesn't only have to be scary movies. It could also be a rom-com night or binge-watch "The Bachelor" night. Just invite some friends over or keep it to just to yourself and enjoy the sole company of the TV.

3. Gameboard Olympics

Invite some of your friends over for a game night! If you all are legal drinking age, you could also turn it into a drinking game night where you play drinking games. It's a great way to bring the bar to your house without actually leaving your house.

4. Netflix and chill with your overdue assignments

Turn the lights down and light some candles, because it's time to get to work on those super overdue assignments you've been putting off since the first week of February.

5. Start a puzzle

Don't hate it till you try it! Puzzles are a great stress reliever, and I guarantee they won't keep asking for your number like that creepy dude at the bar will.

6. Bowling night

Bowling is not only super fun, but it's also an arm workout, so your super-fit friend will be sure to go with you!

7. Roller skating

Throw it back to the 80s and go roller skating with your friends! You'll get a good workout in and look cool doing it.

8. Go to the movies/the mall

I know Salisbury's mall isn't the best ... But there is a movie theater there! Take some friends, or go by yourself to go see that movie you've just been dying to see.

9. Start a new Netflix series (that you probably won’t finish)

What's one more show to add to your binge-watching list? Go ahead and start that show that you keep scrolling over.

10. Check out campus events! SOAP

Student Organization for Activity Planning always has something fun going on somewhere on campus. SOAP is run by students, for students, and it provides the campus with movies, games, performers and more! Go to its page on SU's website to get more details.

... If all else fails, meet your friends at Brew

Sometimes, there's just nothing else to do in Salisbury but cave and go spend some money at the bars. Just remember to be safe and smart and have fun!



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