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A day in the life of an SU sorority member

Those not a part of Greek life sometimes tend to judge it based on what they've seen in movies and on TV. The idea that sorority girls are blonde bimbos who only care about their looks is perhaps as old as Greek life itself. Claire Owen, junior and member of Alpha Sigma Tau, is quite familiar with the shallow assumptions surrounding Greek life. However, despite all of the assumptions geared toward sorority girls, Owen continuously goes to prove them wrong.

When Owen first arrived at SU in the fall of 2017, she did not have the intention of joining a sorority. However, she did know that she wanted to be involved on campus.

"... I always knew I wanted to be a part of something that was super involved on campus and in our community that I could make a difference in while meeting girls and making new friends," Owen stated.

After her roommate freshman year began attending recruitment events, Owen decided to give it a go and ended up rushing for AST.

This year, Owen was given the title of vice president of growth, where she holds a lot of responsibility.

"I deal with all the recruitment stuff like running all the interest meetings we have every semester, and I work, design and run the interest tables we have at activities fairs. I also have different girls in positions under me that plan/run formal recruitment and deal with voting processes," Owen explained.

Many students would have trouble balancing school, work, friends, family and community service, but for Owen, this is what a typical day consists of.

"Balancing school and sorority isn’t too bad! We know about all our events ahead of time, and honestly, most of the events we hold help me to destress and give me a break from my studies because I’m with all my friends having a good time," Owen said.

Recently, Owen started working as a server at Sobo’s Wine and Beerstro in Salisbury. She tries to only work a few nights a week since she needs as much time to work on schoolwork as possible. Double majoring in biology and environmental science with a focus in marine biology, Owen's workload is almost always super heavy.

With such a busy schedule, most of her day is either spent in class or in the library.

"I’m a pretty busy person in general. I like scheduling my classes in the morning, so usually I get up around 7 a.m. and make it to campus by 8 a.m. for class or to go to the library to work on homework. I stay on campus all day pretty much, and usually go home in the afternoon," Owen stated.

It's important for her stay energized since she is so busy. Owen does her best to eat at least tnree times a day, all while drinking a ton of water. For breakfast she usually goes to Bagel Bakery and has a toasted bagel with cream cheese and butter. At lunchtime she will either eat a salad she brought from home or go to Chick-fil-a or Hungry Minds. Dinner is usually up in the air. If she's working, she'll grab dinner at work, and if she's not, she'll either make or buy something before heading home.

As a member of the Honors College, Owen must keep up with her grades and manage her time like a pro. Even though she is very involved on SU's campus, she still has big plans set in place after she graduates in 2021.

"Currently I am taking Physics 121, cell biology, evolution and a scuba certification class. I’m taking the scuba class because I am studying abroad for a winter term this January in Honduras, where we will be diving every day and studying coral at a nearby marine institute," she said.

It's time for those not involved in Greek life to stop assuming the worst in those who are involved. Sorority girls are not just "mean girls who buy their friends," but rather bright young ladies wanting to make a difference in their communities. Both sororities and fraternities often work on projects to better the lives of their peers, working to spread positivity throughout campus.

Last week, you may have seen some of the sisters of AST in Red Square, where members were asking students to write what they love about themselves on a chalk board.

Owen is just one of the hardworking and determined ladies in AST. She is not only making a difference here on campus, but soon she will be making a difference in marine life and biology. She is a prime example of what sorority life is truly about, and we expect to see big things from her as she enters life after graduation.



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Featured photos from Claire Owen's and Salisbury University's Instagrams.

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