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A letter from The Flyer

Dear readers,

The Flyer published an editorial article Wednesday titled “COVID-19: SU needs to stop playing with eugenics.” Harassment and derogatory remarks on social media led to article and post edits later that evening, verifying the article was an editorial/opinion.

After death threats were made, the article was pulled down for the safety of the writer, Summer Smith, and The Flyer staff. The Flyer stands by Smith’s first amendment rights, and the article was not taken down because of the article’s contents or Smith’s opinion.

Our organization condemns all threats and derogatory comments toward staff members and Salisbury University community members, especially those part of marginalized groups.

Moving forward, The Flyer’s editorial section will now be referred to as opinion, and a new social media policy has been implemented to protect The Flyer staff and SU community members. Anyone who violates the policy will be blocked from all of The Flyer’s social media accounts.

Posting anonymously does not exempt social media users from being held accountable for their actions through alternative disciplinary channels.

The Flyer supports audience engagement and constructive commentary, but will not tolerate harassment, derogatory remarks or threats of any kind on our organization’s social media accounts or the personal accounts of our staff members.

The Flyer intends for this letter to encourage and establish a safe space for all communities at SU.

Kindest regards,

The Flyer staff

Graphic courtesy of The Flyer staff.

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