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An SU thrift store—a new opportunity for students

There is a wasteful pattern seen at colleges across the country. When arriving as freshmen, students will purchase appliances, furniture and school supplies. Upon graduation, most of these will either be left behind or discarded.

Meanwhile, students entering Salisbury University find themselves lacking basic living needs. This cycle is reflective of humanity’s tendency to waste rather than preserve.

How can this be changed at Salisbury University?

I recently talked with junior Cameron Lane who worked on a project in her Environmental Communications course. Cameron and her team members’ work may inspire a new opportunity for SU to reduce its environmental impact and improve students’ wellbeing.

The assignment was to conjure an idea that could be used for the green fund. This program financially “supports [environmentally-focused] projects proposed by students or student-faculty teams,” according to the SU website.

The results of this team’s research and work was a proposed consignment shop that would sell used material and furniture. Cameron estimated the budget would approximate to $25,000.

Students could benefit from being able to purchase and give away clothes, apartment furniture, kitchen appliances and school supplies. Employment opportunities would also be provided to students to operate the store.

Unfortunately, this project was only a class assignment and not an actual proposal. Furthermore, obstacles would need to be overcome to see this project through. Finding a proper space, funding and approval for the facility could stand in the way of getting the shop built.

If a physical store is not feasible, there are other ways to bring this idea to life. Items could be collected from those leaving campus to ensure they are not wasted. Redistribution of the supplies and furniture to freshman would occur at the start of the next semester.

A consignment shop would reinforce SU’s goals of environmental consciousness and community. There are currently no plans for one at our university. I hope that changes soon.



Editorial editor

Staff photo courtesy of Ben Lausch

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