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Anti-Black hacking incident shakes SU community

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Updated Feb. 20, 2020.

SU hosted a virtual Black Lives Matter panel which was interrupted and hacked by an unknown individual on Feb.18.

“...Inappropriate and unacceptable language was used and graphics posted that were derogatory and directed toward African Americans. These visuals also included graphic depictions of a sexual nature,” according to an email from President Wight.

Statement from Salisbury University NAACP's Instagram

Wight informed the SU community of the consequences of the individual’s actions once they have been identified,

“If members of the campus community are identified as being involved, they will be subject to the University’s Code of Community Standards (if they are students) or referred to the Office of Human Resources (if they are employees). If the individuals are identified as not being affiliated with SU, the appropriate legal authorities will be notified, and the University will partner with those authorities to hold those individuals accountable.”

Andrew Martino, Dean of Clarkes Honor College, sent an email to honors students and staff, describing what happened.

“The panel included Salisbury University professors and students. Although this panel began as an honors initiative, it was open to the entire university community. After a little more than twenty minutes, the Zoom event was hacked. The event was quickly ended after a few seconds following the hack,” according to the email.

“I want to be clear here: I condemn the actions of the hacker (s) in the strongest possible way…Those who committed the hack are cowards and looking for nothing more than to deter us from conversation and thinking about issues of social justice and concepts like Black Lives Matter…Let’s not let them intimidate us,” Martino said.

Martino encouraged the SU community to not let the actions of the individual(s) hinder the progress that needs to be made in racial justice, instead urging everyone to reaffirm their determination and continue the important discussion of injustice.

Martino is offering open office hours at the Honors House tomorrow at 1 p.m., anybody who attended the event or wants to talk is welcome to meet with him.


SU will continue to update the community as the situation progresses.

SU Counseling Center: 410-543-6070

The number for the Salisbury University Police Department: 410-543-6222

SU’s Office of Institutional Equity:



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Featured image courtesy of Salisbury University NAACP Instagram

Cover image courtesy of Brad Boardman

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