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Battle of the Halloween stores – Salisbury

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Target's small assortment of fall decorations on display.

Halloween creeps over Salisbury University students and time to prepare for festivities will soon run out.

What are the best stores in Salisbury for students to find cost-effective costumes and décor?


Target on E. N. Pointe Dr. provided cute and simple fall decorations at the store’s entrance.

The location did not have much beyond a candy stand and fall apparel.


Walmart's wide array of candy options.

Salisbury’s Walmart on N. Salisbury Blvd. offered the widest variety of candy and an array of unique decorations.

The store had almost everything a student could need including wreaths, candles, party supplies and scary-themed baking kits.

However, Walmart’s low prices has its drawbacks. Only a scarce selection of unoriginal costumes was available.

Nonetheless, Walmart is the best Halloween shopping location for students on a budget.


Sophomore Alyssa Blasko suggested large merchants are not the only shopping options.

Blasko noted that “[for costumes, she] would check a thrift store.”

Goodwill on S. Salisbury Blvd. is a good first stop for students looking for original costumes with do-it-yourself elements.

Secondhand shopping helps the environment because “[shoppers give] new life to something ordinarily destined for the landfill,” according to Discover Magazine.

Goodwill also has incredibly low prices with most items available below $15. Unfortunately, not everything is available in more than one size.

Spirit Halloween

Salisbury’s locations of this iconic seasonal Halloween store are both located on N. Salisbury Blvd.

The best selection of high-quality costumes, accessories and decorations are available here.

Specific outfits from various themes and franchises can be found. However, they come with a high price tag.

Complete costumes range from $19.99 to over $60. Buying items separately instead of purchasing whole costumes might be more cost-effective for students.

Spirit Halloween’s merchandise is notably more horror-themed than other stores, but some of the décor could be displayed year-round.

Party City

Party City offers supplies for students hosting spooky parties.

Temporary decorations, costumes, party supplies and favors with various themes are available at the store on N. Salisbury Blvd.

However, costumes are priced higher despite their lower quality than other locations. The selection available is focused on families and children.

Spirit Halloween's unique decorations on display.

Online shopping for Halloween is incredibly convenient and popular among busy college students.

Sophomore Christian Oakry “mostly [shops] on Amazon for cost-effectiveness and [so he does not] have to leave [his] house.”

Amazon Prime Student offers the company’s online shopping service at a discount for college students.

There are various options available for Salisbury University students with different Halloween needs.

Walmart provides the cheapest and widest selection of Halloween supplies for students with a tight budget.

Spirit Halloween has the best variety of costumes and decorations. The higher prices are worth it for the unique merchandise that provides options for everyone.



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