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Earth Day at SU: eco-friendly ideas for college students

Finances and housing may make it difficult to be environmentally conscious. Here are some creative ways students can lessen their ecological footprint at Salisbury University.

Using a reusable water bottle may sound simple, but it makes a huge difference. Water is essential for classes, sports and other activities of an average college student. Plastic waste is not.

It can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years for plastic cups and bottles to decompose in landfills according to Chariot Energy. Bottle filling stations are located throughout SU and are touch-free for students' safety due to COVID-19.

Combining laundry is a practice perfect for dorm living that saves water and electricity. If you are doing a small load, consider asking a roommate or friend if they have anything to add.

This next activity is equal parts fun and beneficial. Thrift shopping saves the planet, money, and is fun to do with friends.

The average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing per year according to Thrift World. By shopping for used clothes, a student can reduce textile waste while upgrading his or her closet.

Buying food locally is a great way to help the environment. Shopping at farmers' markets around SU preserves small farmland while decreasing fossil fuels emitted by the transportation of food grown elsewhere according to Arrowquip.

Leftover jars and glass bottles from farmers' markets can be reused as dorm room décor or extra storage to make college life easier. They can house snacks such as chia pudding and overnight oats.

Being conscious of one's environmental impact through small and sustainable actions can make a difference.

These are a few changes you can make to help SU take a step in the right direction. Try them out or come up with your own environmental practices on Earth Day this year.



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